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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

150 Years of the Alliance Israelite Universelle

French post issued a postage stamp to celebrate 150 Years of the Alliance Israelite Universelle. The Alliance Israelite Universelle, international cultural Jewish society of French origin was established in 1860.

His action calls for a synthesis of the ideals of 1789 and the principles of Judaism. It lies in the field of education and Jewish culture through the dissemination of Judaism’s tradition, tolerant and open to the modern world and the struggle for equal rights – not only for Jews, but for all religious minorities. The IAU has a network of schools in France and abroad.

It also helps to promote the French language and culture abroad. The visual symbolizes the values of the IAU through two young students learn writing the word in Hebrew, Arabic and French.

Title: 150 Years of the Alliance Israelite Universelle
Date of Issue: 8 September 2010
Country: France
Denominations: 0.58 €