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Friday, June 18, 2010

Castle of Topolcianky

Picturesque scenery of a large English-style park with a monumental classicist chateau is situated in the northern part of the municipality Topo??ianky. Archaeological research was carried out in 1990 in the courtyard of the chateau and uncovered the foundations of the oldest stone architecture from the 13th century. Already in the mid-16h century Topo??ianky was in the reach of Turkish raids and as a result, it was burnt down many times and the fortification was damaged. Ján Topo??iansky, a lord of the chateau, also known as “Turk Fighter”, had the chateau rebuilt on its original foundations.

The last major reconstruction of the renaissance chateau was made halfway through the 17th century by the Earl Ladislav Rákoczi, together with his wife Elisabeth Rákoczi, born Bánffy who had part of the chateau rebuilt into a chateau chapel in 1662 in the north-western bastion. Since 1686, the chapel has been a significant sacred site in Slovakia. Halfway through the 18th century the chateau and the entire estate were mastered by the Keglevich earls who owned it up to 1890. At the beginning of the 19th century, the third earl of the Keglevich family, Ján Keglevich, ordered the southern renaissance wing to be demolished and replaced it in 1818 – 1825 with a classicist tract built. This classicist wing of the chateau is considered to be the nicest and cleanest demonstration of classicism in Slovakia.

The last noble owner of the castle was the Archduke Joseph August Habsburg with his wife the Archduchess Augusta after 1890. This couple had lived in the castle until 1918 when the first Czechoslovak Republic was established. The castle was nationalized and became the summer residence of the Presidents of the Republic.

Title: Castle of Topolcianky
Date of Issue: 18 June 2010
Country: Slovakia
Denominations: 0,40 €