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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Faroese Colours

Nature has always occupied a special place in the heart of all-round artist Eli Smith (1955) who began painting with pigments obtained from Faroese localities in 2003. This became a series of pictures painted with pure natural materials such as iron oxide, sand, mussel shells, turf and charcoal. A great deal of experience and inspiration derived from ancient Egyptian tomb paintings and cave paintings in Spain convinced him of the beauty of working in this manner.

When I had put my visitors on shore at the southern tip of the island and begun to sail back to the village where I would collect them later, the motor broke down just opposite the previously mentioned Hósmøl. There I was again in the place with the beautiful colours and, as I couldn’t repair the motor on the spot, I grabbed an oar and paddled to the stony beach. I let down the anchor, went ashore and called for help on my mobile phone. I now had an opportunity to look at the red stone more closely and became so filled with physical well-being at standing alone there and enjoying the peace and all the beauty around me that I said to my God in heaven, “A thousand thanks dear God, you are fantastic.”

Title: The Faroese Colours
Date of Issue: 26 April 2010
Country: Faroe Islands
Denominations: 18 KR, 24 KR