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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Universal Children Day October 5, 1964. (1964-5)

The theme of the design is child education. A slate and a wooden slab is shown in the design and first six alphabet of Bengali appear on the Slate, whereas on the on the wooden slab the hand of a child is shown scribbling Urdu alphabets. The word ‘Universal Children Day October 5, 1964’, the denomination and the word ‘Pakistan’ in English, Urdu and Bengali also appear on the stamp.
The commemorative will be available on sale on and from the 5th October, 1964 at all important Post Offices in Pakistan, at philatelic Bureau and Philatelic Counter at Karachi , Hyderabad , Quetta, Multan, Lyallpur, Sialkot, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar Khulna, Dacca, Sylhet, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Moenjodaro and some of the Pakistan diplomatic Mission abroad.
“Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens”. Children are admittedly a delicate, sensitive hut a virtually important section of national life demanding tremendous effort, loving thought and immense care. Conscious of it’s responsibilities towards children. Pakistan along with a number of other nations, observes the first Monday iii October every year as the “Universal Children Day”. This year the day falls on the 5th October, 1964.
The purpose of celebrating Universal Children Day is to remind ourselves of our duties towards children, as parents, as teachers and as citizens. The programme also aims at inculcating in children a sense of responsibility towards others and of encouraging them to develop to the fullest, their inherent faculties. In Pakistan the Day is sponsored by the Pakistan Council for Child Welfare in co-operation with the Central and Pro-vincial Governments, the social welfare agencies, educational and other civic agencies of the country. The Council is the watchdog for the child. It studies and points out the weak-nesses in the social structure and is constantly drawing the attention of the Government, the public and the parents to the special need of children. This is being done through the celebration of the Universal Children Day, through confer-ences, through studies and recommendations, through publica-tions and press and radio publicity. The council takes a keen interest in promoting talent in children. It also organizes periodical exhibitions of their paintings and hand work.
The council is also running two pilot services in Karachi. These services are provided through the “Ashiana” and the “Nasheman”. The East-Pakistan Council of Child Welfare has now set up the first rehabilitation centre for disabled children in Dacca. “Nasheman” is a home for girls who are in need of care and protection. Here the girls are given education and training in home-crafts according to their special needs and problems. In “Ashiana” residential care is given to foundling babies and also to babies whose parents are temporarily unable to make adequate arrange-ments for them due to some emergency such as the sickness or death of the mother.
It is most encouraging to see how happy and thriving are all the babies who have been placed in families.