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Saturday, September 12, 2009

New York World Fair April 22, 1964. (1964-2)

13 paisa; Depicts the Fair symbol the ‘UNISPHERE’, and the Pakistan Pavilion; the two are placed side by side and are in white shaded blue against a blue background.
Rs. 1.25 Depicts the Pakistan Pavilion in blue, superim-posed on an orange background consisting of a large ‘UNISPHERE’ in white shaded with orange.
Pakistan is participating in the Fair and expects thereby to lead to better understanding and appreciation of her policies, ambitions and aspirations and inciden-tally also to develop opportunities for greater trade and investment.
The Pakistan Pavilion in the Fair is divided into:—
A. Exhibit Areas. B. Other Areas (1) “Historic Past” section. (1) Sales Counter.
(2) “Handicrafts” section. (2) Section showing Women’s activities -
(3) “Progressive Present” section. (3) P. I. A. and Tourist Counter.
(4) “Promising Future” section. (4) Restaurant
The HISTORIC PAST: Section will present pieces of antiquities giving prominence to the Muslim cultural heritage and yet not ignoring the earlier civilizations. The HANDICRAFTS Section will display craftsman-ship of embroidery, wood, ivory, marble and brass work,which has been kept alive from many centuries in the past. The PROGRESSIVE PRESENT Section intends to highlight Pakistan’s resources in raw materials, its capacity to turn them into manufactured goods and efforts being made to export them to various destina-tions all over the world. Jute and Jute manufactures, Textiles, Machinery, Leather and Leather manufactures, Fish and Prawns, Sports Goods, Carpets and Surgical Instruments will constitute the main subjects of exhibits in this section. The section “PROMISING FUTURE” would arrange to link up a symbolic presentation of the present advanced stage of development in Pakistan in important sectors with a projection of future plans, the undertone being to emphasis readiness of Pakistan to fruitfully absorb foreign investments in larger measure.
The RETAIL SALE BOOTH is sponsored by the W.P.I.D.C. Its purpose is to sell to the visitors small souvenirs of Pakistan handicrafts for creating commer-cial demand for them. Items on sale will be hand-woven textiles, embroidery, brassware, zari work, marble art, replicas, jewelry etc.. collected from in all over the coun-try. In the SOCIAL ACTIVITIES section, the A.P.W.A. has planned to put up a diorama of a typical scene of women working in the villages, women’s activities being Tourist literature about Pakistan’s landscape, snow-bound mountains, green valleys, fertile plains, oriental bazaars and other similar sights will be available from this section. A Pakistani restaurant will be an important feature of the Pakistan Pavilion. It is in two parts—out-door and in-door—and will seat 80 persons at a time. It will serve such typical Pakistani dishes as chicken tikka, kababs, pulao, curries and other oriental delicacies. The Commemoratives will be available for sale on and from April 22, 1964, at all im-portant Post Offices in Pakistan, at the Philatelic Bureau, Karachi and also at the various Philatelic Counters at Karachi, Hyderabad, Quetta, Multan, Lyallpur, Sialkot, Murree, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Khulna, Dacca, Sylhet, Chittagong and Rajshahi and at some of the Pakistan Diplomatic Missions abroad.