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Monday, August 24, 2009

URS of Abul Hassan Muhammad Jamal-ud-Din Musa Paak Shaheed. (2009-10)

URS of Abul Hassan Muhammad Jamal-ud-Din Musa Paak Shaheed Commemorative Postage Stamp August 15, 2009:- Hazrat Musa Paak Shaheed, one of the renowned and greatest saints of Qadriya order of Sufism, was born in 952 Hijri at Uch Sharif near Bahawal Pur. The city is known as the city of Sufis. His father Hazrat Syyed Hamid Jahan Bakhsh Gillani was also a renowned figure in the realm of knowledge and mysticism. The great fore father of Hazrat Musa Paak Azam Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gillani who had migrated from Khurasan and settled in Uch Sharif.
He spent his early life in Uch Sharif and received his early education along with his brother at the hands of his illustrious father. He received lessons on Fiqha, Hadith and Tafseer and got deep understanding of shariat and tariqat. Allah Almighty had gifted Hazrat Musa Paak shaheed with glorious spiritual and moral qualities. His natural gift of wisdom, genious and spiritual disposition enabled him to achieve excellence and subtlety in the field of spiritualism. His father’s happiness knew no bounds when he noticed his son’s ingenuity and excellence in the external and internal domains of Sufism. He then bestowed upon his son, the tittle of Jamaluddin Abdul Hasan. The father had so much love and affection for his beloved son that he nominated him as his legacy both spiritual and mundane.
With the passage of time the stature of Hazrat Musa Paak Shaheed reached at such great heights that the great scholars of the time considered it their honor to sit in his esteemed presence and seek guidance on intricate religious and spiritual problems. Hazrat Sahib would always solve them with his wisdom. His greatness can be judged from the fact that Sheikh Abdul Haq Muhaddis Dehlvi, out of sheer veneration took oath of allegiance on his hands. Sheikh Muhaddis writes that whenever Hazrat Sahib came to Multan, hundreds of people embraced Islam on just seeing his miracles. Besides Muhaddis Dehlavi, other great Sufis who received guidance from Hazrat Sahid are Syed Sher Shah Mashhadi Multani and Hazrat Mian Sher Karam Ali Qadri.
Hazrat Musa Paak Shaheed was a courageous man. A number of historians have mentioned in their books an example of this on the subject that Hazrat Sahib used to call the Azan in the Dewan-e-Khas of Akbar and held prayers collectively against the wishes of the emperor. Hazrat Sahib never stopped raising the voice against Akbar’s “heterodoxy” despite being the mansabdar under Akbar and continued his mission with his voice and pen.
Hazrat Musa Paak Shaheed prophasised his own martyrdom. When the pirates attached the area inhabitating his followers, he immediately said that his time had come and he himself proceeded to counter then. An arrow struck him, which proved fatal. He breathed his last on 23rd of Shaban 1010 Hijra and was buried at the foot side of the grave of his father in Uch Sharif. Afterwards, Hazrat Hamid Bakhsh, the son of Hazrat Sahib had a dream wherein his grand father revealed to him that they had buried a “Qutab-Al-Aqtab” at his feet and directed them to shift his jasde-paak (coffin). Receiving the direction, Hazrat Sahib’s descendants shifted the jasde-paak from Uch Sharif to Multan. There is a tradition that when during the shifting, the conffin of Hazrat Sahib was uncovered, the passing of time had not left any marks on it.
Hazrat Sahib has left behind a book titled “tesirushaghileen” which is read by his followers with fervor and devotion. His disciples are scattered in Iran, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. He was succeeded by four sons named Hazrat Hamid Bakhsh, Syed Yahah, Syed Eisa and Syed Jan Muhammed whose shrine is in Delhi.
Today is the shrine of Hazrat Musa Paak Shaheed stands as a monument to the great saint and is visited by hundreds of followers every day. His urs is held on 23rd of Shaban every year.To commemorate the auspicious occasion of the Urs of Hazrat Musa Paak Shaheed, Pakistan Post is issuing commemorative postage stamp of Rs.5/- each denomination on August 15, 2009.