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Monday, August 24, 2009

United for Peace. (2009-11)

United for Peace Commemorative Postage Stamp August 16, 2009:- Pakistan Television, the largest and oldest TV network in Pakistan with five production centres and Six 24 hours channels, is organizing a peace Telethon as a part of its Media to Peace campaign.
The campaign which began in May 2009 is aimed at making the viewers more aware of the consequences of terrorism and extremism and mobilizing them to play an active role in promoting peace.
The campaign involves production and airing of thematic plays and songs, talk shows and documentaries on themes of religious tolerance inter-faith harmony, enlightened interpretation of Islam, promotion of peace in region, a balanced view of history and promotion of values such as pluralism and humanism.
The objective of this Telethon is:
To create a hype for peace and strengthen resolve to fight terrorism.
To strengthen solidarity among people of countries which have been victums of terrorism and partnering in the war against terrorism.
To promote the Idea that the War against Terrorism is a worldwide war and not between civilizations or power bloc.
The content of this telethon transmission will include;
i. Celebrity message for peace and solidarity.
ii. Songs for peace and humanism in various languages.
iii. Reports/documentaries on themes such as International solidarity, interfaith harmony.
iv. Talk shows or topics related to history, religion, peace, Sufism etc.
v. On ground activities such as peace walks, signature campaign, peace concerts and peace vigil.
The Telethon will take place on 16th August for duration of 12 hours, starting at 12.00 noon to 12.00 m.n, with Islamabad as the hub. Other Ptv Centres such as Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta will be linked during the transmission.
For four hours in the evening, Ptv will link via satellite with other countries such as India, UK, USA, UAE and Bangla Desh.
In th studios of all these countries, participants from the fields of Showbiz, Politics, Sports, Literature, Journalism, Youth and Students, Social workers and activists, general public and lawyers would show their solidarity and unity against Terrorism.
The UK and South Asia segments would be in English. Besides this Telethon, Ptv will also orgazine some ground activities. These ground activities will include a Signature Campaign on 16th August 2009, in which hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life are expected to put their signature or thumb impressions on scrolls confirming their determination to stand united against Terrorism. In this campaign NGOs, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Students, City Governments and Pakistan Post would cooperate.
The volunteers of these agencies and organization would help Ptv by going door to door in the streets, offices and markets besides standing at the places of National importance like Mazar-i-quaid, Minar-i-Pakistan and National Monument or on the signals and getting the signatures on the declaration.
Signatures would also be obtained in U.K. and in the South Asian countries. People from many countries would also participate to show their solidarity with the theme through Telephone Calls, e-mails and sms.
Another gound activity would be Peace Walk in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore on the same day. Besides the organizations mentioned for Signature campaign, Police and Minorities would also participate this Rally.
This walk in Islamabad in would end at a given spot where the candles would be lit by the participants to reconfirm their faith in peace.
All these ground activities would be shown during Telethon.
To commemorate the occasion of United for Peace Pakistan Post is issuing a Commemorative Postage Stamp Rs.5/- denomination on August 16, 2009.