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Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Referendum December 19, 1984" March 20, 1985

The overwhelming mandate in the Referendum of December 19, 1984 was convincing demonstration of the people's confidence in President Mohammad Ziaul Haq\'s leadership: his achievements during the last 71/2 years and h is dynamic policies and plans for the future.
Stepping in to save the country from the danger of internal strife and collapse he has since devoted all efforts to reassert the spirit of Islam and initiated various measures towards the implementation of the process of Islamisation and for the security and strength of Pakistan.
Under his most dynamic leadership, the Nation has witnessed the implementation of the cannons of Islam in every walk of life-social, political, economic, judicial and cultural.
Promulgation of Zakaat and Ushr, rejuvenation of the Council of Islamic Ideology and Ministry of Religious Affairs, establishment of Federal Shariat Courts, Qazi Courts, Federal Law Commission, Islamic Research Council and the institution of Wafaqi Mohtasib; implementation of interest free banking, complete prohibition of alcoholic drinks, Laws relating to Qisas and deyat, Hudood Ordinance and giving true and meaningful rights to the minorities of Pakistan - are glimpses of the great many constructive steps taken by the President Mohammad Ziaul Haq.
Our education system and policy has been redefined & reinvigorated by giving it the requisite Islamic base and outlook.
The Nation paid its tribute to the President through its overwhelming mandate in the referendum not only for the great service which he has already rendered to the cause of Islam but also to strengthen him further in his ceaseless efforts to consolidate the Islamic foundation of our country.
Under his leadership the country regained and reinforced its non-aligned status by adopting the course of a truly independent foreign policy. It was a moment of great pride for each and every Pakistani when the President was chosen by the Organization of Islamic Conference to be its Spokes-man at the United Nations General Assembly. This was a reflection of the entire Muslim Ummah\'s trust and confidence in President Zia\'s ability and resolve to project and interpret the collective will of the Ummah on issues of global concern. Under his leadership the country has seen unprecedented period of peace and economic growth & is now well set on its course towards the revival of democracy.
To commemorate the historic REFERENDUM December 19,1984 Pakistan Post Office is issuing one postage stamp of 60 paisa value on March 20, 1985.