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Thursday, August 20, 2009

‘Election 85' MARCH 23,1985

In the history of Pakistan the year \'1985\' has acquired a historic significance; it makes the successful holding of general elections in the country, in keeping with the pledge to the Nation by the President of Pakistan, General Mohammad Ziaul Haq, on August 12, 1983.
It also marks the whole-hearted participation of a very large number of voters of the country in the polls - more than 52 per cent. They cast their votes in the elections held on adult franchise and non-party basis; thereby making it as the most successful, orderly and peaceful elections ever held in Pakistan.
In the history of Pakistan March 23 has a special significance. It was on this day in 1940 that the All-India Muslim League, at its general session in Lahore adopted the historic Pakistan Resolution. It was the starting point of the long and arduous journey of the Muslim Ummah towards a homeland for the Indian Muslims. On August 14, 1947 Pakistan came into being as the largest Islamic State in the world.
Since 1947 and throughout our history and passage during the last about 38 years, it has been Islam and its web of conduct and life that has been the main motivating factor towards the achievement of ideological goals and a brighter future.
The Referendum held on December 19, 1984 was followed by the general elections in February, 1985. The country went to the polls on February 25, to elect the National Assembly Members and on February 28, to elect the Provincial Assemblies\' Members. Both events were successful in respect of turn out of voters. The holding of successful elections in 1985 also marked the vindication of President Mohammad Ziaul-Haq\'s pledge to the Nation that he would give it elected Assemblies within the year and a civilian Government. In Pakistan the Elections in 1985 also symbolised the dedication of the electorate to the ideological basis of Pakistan.
While sovereignty is that of Allah, it is the duty of the nation to administer itself through the system of \'Shoora\' so that a truly Islamic order is established in the country, wherein the sovereignty of Allah is best acknowledged by humble dedication to the path laid down by the Creator. The exercise of the people\'s will in electing their representatives in February, 1985 marks the most important phase of the process of democracy and Islamisation in Pakistan.
To commemorate the Elections in 1985 Pakistan Post Office is issuing two commemorative postage stamps on \'Election 85\' of the denominations of Re.1/ each on March 23, 1985.