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Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Parliament House, Islamabad. (1987-3)

The new Parliament House building in Islamabad was designed by Edward Dural Stone of the U.S.A. It consists of five stories and has a total floor space of about 598,000 sq. feet. It has been completed at a cost of Rs. 454 million.
The ground floor has a covered area of 176, 889 sq. feet and houses the main foyer, restaurant, bank, dispensary, post office and telegraph and telex office and PIA office. A mosque to accommodate 450 namazis (including 50 ladies) has also been provided.
The first floor has a covered area of 176, 294 sq. feet, It accommodates the offices of the Chairman, Deputy Chairman of the Senate, the chambers of Leader of the Opposition and 14 Federal Ministers. On this storey are also three Committee Rooms fitted with modern public address system.
The second floor has a covered area of 128,134 sq. feet. It houses the National Assembly and the Senate Hall, the chambers of Minister Speaker and Deputy Speaker and 16 Federal Ministers. The Library of the Parliament is on this floor. A Committee Room equipped with sophisticated public address system is also placed on this floor.
On the third floor having a covered area of 58,012 sq. feet is located the Secretariat of the National Assembly and Senate.
The fourth floor has the President\'s chamber, a Committee Room as well as the offices of the National Assembly. The Press Lounge is also located on this floor.
The Assembly and Senate Halls have been equipped with the simultaneous Interpretation System based on microcomputer technology. Members can take their choice in switching on the language-selector for listening in through earphones. The microphone installed atop the desk has an in built megaphone. On the table is a set of switches for activating the microphone. The Vote Counting System installed in the Hall is also based on computer technology.
The Parliament House was inaugurated by Prime Minister Mohammad Khan Junejo
To commemorate the new Parliament House building Islamabad, Pakistan Post Office is issuing one postage stamp of Rs. 3/- value on March 23, 1987.