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Friday, August 21, 2009

Minar Definitives (November 7, 1978)

The format of the stamps is vertical. The monument, Minar-e--Qarardad-e-Pakistan is depicted at the right portion of the stamps. The word ‘Pakistan’ in Urdu and English, appears at the top left coiner, while the word ‘Postage’ appears vertically at the middle left side. The denomination in English is printed at the bottom left corner of the stamps. A dotted screen appears as background of the stamps.
Pakistan Post Office is introducing a new series of Definitive Postage Stamps with three stamps of 2 Paisa, 3 Paisa and 5 Paisa denominations on 7th November, 1978.
The existing Definitive Postage Stamps are basically in five designs namely:
Khyber Pass for stamps of 1 Paisa, 2 Paisa, 3 Paisa, 5 Paisa, 7 Paisa and Rs. 25
Shalimar Garden for stamps of 10 Paisa, 13 Paisa,15 Paisa, 20 Paisa, 25 Paisa, 40 Paisa, 50 Paisa. 75 Paisa and 90 Paisa.
Chota Sona Masjid Gate-way for stamps of Re. 1, Rs. 1.25, Rs. 2 and Rs. 5
Orange Tree for Rs. 10
Coconut Tree for Rs. 15
For the new Definitive series the following designs have been adopted: 1. Minar-e-Qarardad-e-Pakistan for Stamps of 1 Paisa, 2 Paisa. 3 Paisa and 5 Paisa. 2. Tractor (signifying the importance of Agriculture in the economy of our country); for Stamps of 10 Paisa, 20 Paisa, 25 Paisa, 40 Paisa, 50 Paisa, 60 Paisa, 75 Paisa and 90 Paisa 3. Tomb of Ibrahim Khan Makli; for Stamps of Re. 1, Rs. 1.25, Rs. 1.50, Rs. 2, Rs. 2.25, Rs.3, Rs. 4 and Rs. 5.
Stamps of denominations other than 2 Paisa, 3 Paisa and 5 Paisa in the new series will be issued later. Stamps in the existing Definitive series will continue to be sold and be valid for prepayment of postage unless notified otherwise.