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Friday, August 21, 2009

International Anti-Apartheid Year, 1978 (November 20, 1978)

Four different races of the World are symbolically represented by four strips of different colours (black, white, brown and yellow) interwoven in each other showing unity, equality and brotherhood among nations.
Insignia of U.N. Anti-Apartheid is printed below the strips in blue colour against light blue background. The caption “Anti-Apartheid Year 1978” appears in yellow against green top panel. The Word “Pakistan” in English and Urdu is shown on a green panel in Black at the bottom. The denomination Re. 1/- and word “Postage” are printed above the bottom panel in blue.
‘Apartheid’ or the policy of segregation and political and economic discrimination against the non-whites in the union of South Africa has been engaging the attention of the United Nations since 1946 and has been condemned by the World community as a “Crime against humanity”. Despite repeated appeals by the General Assembly to the South African Government to revise its policy of discrimination, South Africa has consistently disregarded United Nations resolutions which led to its suspension from participation in the work of the General Assembly at its 29th session (1974).
At its 31st session held in 1976 the General Assembly adopted a comprehensive ‘Programme of Action’ against Apartheid. It called on all Governments specialised agencies and other Intergovernmental organisa-tions, trade unions, and other non governmental organisations to carry out a comprehensive campaign for the effective isolation of the racist regime in the diplomatic, military, economic, transportation and other fields, and for strengthened assistance to the liberation movements of the African people.
In a resolution adopted on 14 December, 1977 at its 32nd regular session the General Assembly proclaimed the year beginning on 21 March 1978 as International Anti -Apartheid year. The main purpose of International Anti-Apartheid year is to make World opinion fully aware of the inhumanity of Apartheid and its wider dangers to international peace, and of the struggle of the oppressed people of South Africa against the racist minority regime there. The observance of the year is aimed at further isolation of the South African regime. intensification of the International campaign against Apartheid, and increased assistance to the oppressed people of South Africa and their liberation movements by Governments and Organizations as well as by the public in general.
To high light this struggle against Apartheid, Pakistan Post Office is issuing a commemorative postage stamp of Re 1 denomination on 20th November, 1978.