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Saturday, August 15, 2009

16th Asian Advertising Congress Ad Asia 89 Pakistan. (1989-2)

Advertising is a process by which economic information is disseminated to the people. This information is in the form of news regarding products and services that are available to the citizens.
Thus, the level of advertising in any country is a direct indicator of the level of economic development. The competitive dimension of modern industry and mass marketing help improve the quality of the products and services offered to the citizens and because the whole process is competitive advertising helps to keep prices at a reasonable level and helps improve quality.
Even though advertising expenditure per capita in Pakistan compared to other Asian countries is still on a low level and even though 70% of the population of our country lives in the rural areas, in the 41 years of the existence of Pakistan the advertising process has registered significant progress.
While it has high visibility in the urban areas of the country advertising has also played its role in the developmental process by taking the messages of agricultural credit, use of pesticides and fertilizers, health education, etc, to the rural regions of the country by means of commercial radio, static as well as mobile cinemas, outdoor hoardings TV, posters and newspapers.
Through the Federal Ministry of Information and the four provincial Departments of Information, the Government of Pakistan fulfils its responsibilities in coordinating and assisting in the stable development of the advertising process.
In addition to itself being a major advertiser by means of official notices, tender notices, announcements, health, education etc, and the advertising placed on behalf of a large number of public sector and semi-autonomous organisations, the government also influences the ethical standards of advertising by virtue of the codes of ethics for advertising enforced by the government-controlled media corporations such as Pakistan Television Corporation and Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation.
The President of Pakistan has very kindly agreed to inaugurate the Congress. As an expression of the close association and support provided by the Federal Government to the hosting of this event in our country a large number of government departments and corporations are extending cooperation and facilities to help make this event a success.
Adasia 89 Pakistan is visualized to be the largest-ever inter-national conference held in the history of Pakistan with an estimated attendance of about 350 overseas delegates from over 25 countries of Asia, North America and Europe and 400 delegates from Pakistan, most of which will be paying registration fees in order to participate in an event which provides professional enrichments well as personal enjoyment.
Over 40 eminent and distinguished speakers and personalities from across the world are making special presentations at the Congress which will be of major educational and professional value to the delegates.
Adasia 89 Pakistan has a direct impact on the enhancement of professional standards in advertising and represents a landmark event in the history of the mass communications sector of the country.
Contributed by Organisers of 16th Asian Advertising Congress -89.
To commemorate the occasion, Pakistan Post Office is issuing a set of three stamps of Re 1 denomination each on February 18,1989.