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Friday, July 3, 2009

Rehman Baba, 1632-1707 (Poets of Pakistan) (2005-11)

Abd-ul-Rehman known as Abdul Rehman Baba is one of the most popular and famous Pashto poet. The colour of his poetry is deep mystical. He occupies the same position in the Pashto Literature which Hafiz Musleh-ud-Din Shirazi does have in Persian.

He was born in 1632 AD at Deh Bahadur, a village, four kilometer south of Peshawar. He belonged to the Muhmand branch of the Ghuria Khel or Ghori Khel tribe. His father, Abdul Sattar, was a peasant. He got his early education from a local religious scholar Mulla Muhammad Yousaf. When Mulla Yousaf went to Kohat he also followed his religious mentor. Abdul Rehman adopted the life of privations, austerity and asceticism, at the age of mere 20 years. The peculiarity of Rehman Baba’s poetry is its fluency, accurate choice of words, originality and simplicity. Besides many others, Major Reverty in his book “Selection from the poetry of Afghans” has also paid rich tributes to him. He writes; Rehman Baba’s poetry is the heartbeat of every Afghan and is recited throughout the Afghan lands.

Abdul Rehman Baba died in 1707 A.D. His tomb is situated near the Shrine of Akhuand Darwaizah Baba at Peshawar, which is visited by his followers and admirers throughout the year. To pay tribute and homage to Rehman Baba, a commemorative postage stamp of Rs. 5/-denomination, in the series of poets of Pakistan is being issued by Pakistan Post Office on August 04, 2005.

The Commemorative Postage stamp will be available for sale from August 04, 2005 at all important Post Offices in the country.