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Friday, July 17, 2009

Ophthalmological Congress Islamabad - 11-13 Sept. 1998 (Vision -2000)

The ophthalmological Society of Pakistan, is an officially, registered organisation of Pakistan Eye Surgeons serving at home and abroad. The Society has 5 branches, representing each Province and the Federal area of Islamabad.
The idea of \'providing a common platform to the eye surgeons\' was first conceived by a young Pakistani Eye Surgeon Dr. Raja Mumtaz of King Edward Medical College, Lahore in 1957, which was fully supported by the galaxy of senior specialists all over the country. Lt. Gen. W.A.Burki was unanimously elected as the founder President and Dr. Raja Mumtaz as its pioneer and founder General Secretary. The Society aims to:
1. Organise national and International conference in order to update the knowledge and skill of the Pakistani Eye surgeons and to keep them abreast of the lates development in the field of eye diseases.
2. To encourage eye surgeons to undertake research in the field of Ophthalmology.
3. To publish a scientific journal regularly so that the doctors remain well informed of the latest developments in the treatment and prevention of eye diseases.
4. To educate the public in all matters relating to the vision and health of the eye.
5. To encourage and to promote skilled manpower development in the field of Ophthalmic paramedical and Nursing.
6. To pool all the resources to prevent and trend the ever-increasing maniac of blindness in Pakistan.
The Ophthalmological society of Pakistan is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Pakistan by holding the joint meeting of 21st Annual Ophthalmological Conference with 4th Annual Meeting of the \'Islamabad Congress of Ophthalmology\' in Islamabad from 11-13 September\" 98.
The theme of the Congress is \"21st Century challenges in Ophthalmology in Pakistan and how to meet them\". The Society has resolved to meet this challenge by infusing a new spirit in the young doctors to fight out the increasing rate of blindness in Pakistan.
The Society, which caters the membership of all the specialist in the teaching and non-teaching hospitals observes, with great concern the high prevalence of 1.5% Blindness in Pakistan, inspite of acquiring latest technology in its field. To eradicate preventable eye diseases like Trachoma, Cataract and Glaucoma etc. The Society arranges eye camps in the remotest areas of the country where medical care is either not available or not possible. Free medicines and glasses are provided to the poor and deserving patients from its own resources.
In view of this fact that 70% of our population lives in rural areas and the rest in urban areas, we must pay full attention to the unsatisfactory situation and to take immediate steps to introduce a comprehensive national eye care programme in coordination with the world health organisation. In this connection, some of the projects are already in progress with the collaboration of HWO centres in Pakistan. Adequate emphasis are being put on public health education to improve the service utilization.
In this context, the Ophthalmic Society has already undertaken many courses for the training of paramedicals and the nurses, to gain sufficient knowledge and skill to provide primary health care at the root level of rural population.
The Society has already arranged 20 international conferences on various topics pertaining to the treatment and prevention of eye diseases. These conferences are also the part of Continued Medical Education in Pakistan. Moreover, this gives an ample opportunity to the specialists of our country to exchange their knowledge and experiences with the scientists in other parts of the world. On the auspicious occasion of the golden jubilee of Pakistan, the Society is reanimating its efforts by requesting the postal authorities to bring out the commemorative stamps Vision - 2000 on 11th September 98.
At this historic occasion concrete steps are being taken to consolidate the clinical, epidemiological and operational research work, covering all aspects of eye care as the research work is vital and foremost in the developing countries like Pakistan.
Courtesy: Ophthalmological Society of Pakistan, Islamabad.
To celebrate the occasion Pakistan Post Office is issuing a commemorative Postage stamps, denomination of Rs. 7/- on September 11, 1998.