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Friday, July 17, 2009

Government College Faisalabad (1897 - 1997) (1998-7)

The foundation stone of this prestigious institution of Punjab was laid down by a resident of Faisalabad Lala Jawala Das on the occasion of Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897. The year 1905 marks the land mark in the history of the College.
In September 1905 teaching of regular middle classes started. Time passed on, history went on moving its own circle and again in 1905 it was raised to the level of High School. The old record shows that nothing eventful took place till the year 1915.
On 16th June, 1915. the high school was shifted to the present building. From 1st May, 1924, it was raised to Intermediate College. The Junior Anglo -Vernacular Teachers class was attached to the College in June, 1924. On 29th September 1 933the College was raised to the Degree level. Keeping in view the academic and educational needs of the people of the city, M.A. classes in the subjects of English, math and Urdu were started in 1963. In 1982 M.A. Economics and M.A. Islamiat, in 1986 M.A. Arabi classes started. Quite recently in a period of 4 years we have started M.Sc. Zoology classes. In the field of arts applied science and pure science we are spreading knowledge at Post Graduate level.
In 1997 Government College Faisalabad is completing 100 years of its birth. For Intermediate Examination, it has affiliation with Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Faisalabad whereas for B.A./B.Sc./M.A./M.Sc. it has its affiliation with Punjab University Lahore.
On 1st July 1990 Government College Faisalabad was declared Autonomous body vide Punjab Government Department of Education, memo No. - SO (Boards).
In the same year a Board of Governors was framed and its Chairman is Divisional Commissioner, Faisalabad by virtue of his designation.
In the field of sports of the College has produced great sportsman. In the field of hockey our College can be modestly proud of Col I.S. Dara, Khalid Mahmood, Khizar Bajwa, Saleem Nazam and Shahbaz Senior. In the field of literature we are very proud of N.M. Rashid, Manzoor Hussain, Zahoor Alam Shaheed, Shaheen Mufti, Dr. Riaz Majid M. Afsar Sajid, Zahid Fakhri, Iftikhar Nasim and hundreds of others. Our brave sons laid their lives for the defence of the country.
We are proud of Squadron Leader Saif Ullah Lodhi and Lieu. Nadeem Manzoor Ahmad, There are other prominent personalities of the Pakistan Army who remained on the roll of this college.
Lt. Gen. Muhammad Akram Bhatti
Lt..Gen. Mujib Ur Rehman
Lt. Gen Atiq Ur Rehman
Maj. Gen Saeed Wahala
Maj. Gen Khalid Mqbool
Maj. Gen Rehmat
In the field of politics Maj. Nadir Pervez, Mian Zahid Sarfraz Senator Tariq Chaudhry and many others. Mufti Lutfullah, Hassan Raza, Rasha, Mehar Jewan Khan, Latif Mirza, Jahangir, Mirza, Khalid Latif, Tariq Ayoub, Pervez Rathoor, Amar Khan, Dr. Khalid Mahmood, Sarshar Ahmad Hassan Nadeem Asif, and others are serving the bureaucracy.
This great, traditional, proud educational institution has rendered meritorious service in the spread of knowledge. Keeping in view the academic standard, pride and progress of this college it has become important and necessary to raise it to the level of University.
Since there is mounting pressure on the Pun jab University, so the need has become more urgent, In the past feasibility reports were written for the establishment of a new University or to raise Government College to the level of University or Degree Awarding College. Under the academic pressure, for the spread of knowledge and learning, the establishment of a University is inevitable.
Those students who were on the role of this College for acquisition of knowledge were diligently equipped with knowledge to meet the challenge of the viola tile world. All the students are serving everywhere in the world with great dutiful ness, responsibility, pride and confidence to raise the those of the country as well as of their Alma-mater. We are preparing list of those proud students of OUR College, Quite recently, Shei Nandra Jog, Chairman Chamber of commerce, Prepare list of Government College Faisalabad which was published in ‘The Tribune” Chandri Garh.
On our College staff we have qualified, hard working and research oriented teachers. In the subject of Urdu we have three Ph. D’s in the subject of Zoology we have 4 four Ph.D’s in the subject of math we have Two Ph.D’s and one M. Phil in the subject of Arabic we have two Ph.D’s. and in the subject of English we have M.Litt.
(Contributed by Govt. College Faisalabad)
On completion of 100 years of Govt. College Faisalabad Pakistan Post Office is issuing a commemorative postage stamp of Rs. 5/- denomination on August, 14, 1998.