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Friday, May 3, 2013

Men of Letters Series "Sufi Barkat Ali" (1911-1997) 2013-06

Men of Letters Series: Sufi Barkat Ali (1911 – 1997) Commemorative Postage Stamp April 27, 2013:- Birth And Bay’at-e-Tareeqat:- Name of the great saint is Muhammad Barkat Ali (R.A Rehma-ulla Alain). The filial appellation is “Abu Anees” (father of Anees – his daughter).
He was born on 27th Rabi-ul-Sani 1329th HIjra Thursday, (27th April 1911) at Barhami District Ludhiana. He belongs to Dhariwal, jat family. His honourable father’s name is Hazrat Nigahi Baksh (R.A) and respected mother’s name is Hazrat Jannat Bibi (R.A). His father served in the British Army. He took his bay’at at the hands of Shah-e-Walayat, Hakeem Ameer-ul-Hasan Saharanpuri (R.A).
Childhood:- Since childhood, Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali (R.A) was inclined towards virtue. By nature, he was a sober person and he loved solitude. He learnt the Holy Quran in his own village and, afterwards, went to Halwara for his formal education. He had the distinction of building the first mosque in his village.
Selection in Army:- Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali (R.A) joined the army and became an officer as per the desire of his father. He got recruitment in the British army on 9th April 1930. After passing the Indian Army special education course, he was selected as a Y-Cadet. His Corps Commander Genral Veitch, was a great admirer of him because of his sterling qualities, modest nature and graceful personality. He treated him as a friend. Even amongst the common youth he was known for his graceful personality. He often quoted the example of his noble character and disposition to other officers. He treated him with respect and dignity, so much that he abstained from eating and drinking during the holy month of Ramdan in order to show respect to him.
Resignation from the Army:- If Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali had stayed in the army, he would have been promoted to the rank of a genral. However, he preferred to be a FAqeer (a dervish) of Allah by sacrificing everything. To commence his journey towards the auspicious and righteous path of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) he resigned from the army on 22nd June 1945 911 Rajab-ul-Murajjab 1364 A.H.
He discarded his army uniform, wore simple sufi tunic and declared: “I am no more an employee of the British Government but am a servant of Allah.
Three Main Objectives:- As soon as Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali (R.A) was released from the army, he renounced the world and what it contained and announced to spend the rest of his life for achieving the following three holy objectives for the sake of Allah the Almighty”.
·         Constant Zikr of Allah the Almight.
·         The invitation to and the spread of Islam.
·         Selfless service of humanity.
Migration to Pakistan:- He migrated to Pakistan on the 14th of August 1947. He finally arrived at Salar Wala, where he was allotted a piece of land (in lieu of his ancestral agricultural land left in India). This piece of land was located near Salar Wala railway station. He put in nearly forty years of continuous struggle to transform this place into a heavenly complex consisting of a huge beautiful mosque, a Quran-e-Kareem Mahal, a hospital, a library and a minaret as a monument to the momory of Asahab-e-Babar.
Final Migration to Camp Dar-ul-Ehsan:- Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali (R.A) migrated to camp Dar-ul-Ehsan in 1984 from his abode at Salar Wala. The place was soon transformed into something that looked like a land of peace. Quran Kareem mahal, offices of Dar-ul-Ehsan library, almshouse (Langar) and medical centre were constructed rapidly. He named this place as “Almustafeez Dar-ul-Ehsan” and “Camp Dar-ul-Ehsan”. He chose to stay here for the rest of his life and after demise.
Zikr-e-Ellahi and Preaching of Islam:- Thousands of his followers are spreading the light of Islam throughout the world. These volunteers are organized into preaching teams / centers. Around six hundred preaching centers have been established in various cities and towns for Zikr-e-liahi and preaching of Islam. Sufi Barkat Ali wrote letters to some of the non-Muslims word leaders inviting them to the fold of Islam. By doing so he revived the Sunnah of Holy Profit (S.A.W).
Service of Humanity:- Hazrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali (R.A) did full justice with service of humanity besides remembrance of Allah and invitation to and spread of Islam. He gave monthly stipends to the disabled, the deprived, widows, and the poor and needy students. He made special arrangements for the marriage of poor girls. He took special care of prisoners and lepers; and distributed bedding, flour and clothes among the sick and needy at their doorsteps. In addition to these services, he set a peerless example of selfless service to the humanity through the platform of Dar-ul-Hikmat.
The first free ey camp was organized in 1976 and the practice has continued ever since without a break. Unit March 2013, seventy four free eye camps had been organized. 417334 patients had their vision restored through operations. 656952 patients were treated without surgery and 1732 born-blinds also regained vision with his prayers and attention.
Quran-e-Karim Mahal:- His devotion to Allah and his Holy Prophet (S.A.W) is the splendid edifice in the shape of elegant and graceful buildings of Quran-e-Karim Mahal. Old, worn out and musty copies of the Holy Quran are re-bound and preserved in a beautiful manner in the Quran Mahal. Preservation of some very rare and precious handwritten copies are a true and everlasting manifestation of his love for the Holy Quran.
Writings and Compilations:- He was a treasure of knowledge and wisdom. His book “Kitab-ul-Amal bil Sunnah” is a beautiful compilation of authentic “Ahadees”. This voluminous compilation has a high standard of calligraphy and printing. When this book was presented to some of the international leaders on the occasion of the Islamic Summit Conference, held in Pakistan in 1974, they expressed their admiration for its high literary value and elegant printing. Learned intellectuals and research scholars are benefiting from this book available in the libraries the world wide.
He wrote hundreds of books which are a precious treasure of knowledge, wisdom and interpretation of Islamic Law. These books are distributed worldwide free of charge. His publications indlude:
·         Makshoofat Manazal-e-Ehsan, 5 volumes
·         Kitab-ul-Amal Bis-Sunnah, 5 volumes
·         Asma-un-Nabi-ul-Kareem, 6 volumes
·         Maqalat-e-Hikmat 30 volumes
·         Zikr-e-Elahi
·         Yusaloona-alan-Nabi
·         Altobato Wal Astaghfar
·         Al-Sammat, 1 volume
·         Jism-ul-wojood Al Barkat Ali
Love for Pakistan:- Sufi Barkat Ali was an ardent follower of Allama Iqbal and a great lover of Pakistan. Always hopeful for the prosperity of Pakistan he had prognosticated great achievement for Pakistan.
Demise and Burial:- No doubt he was deeply immersed in the remembrance of Allah day and night. In this state of meditation, remembrance and gratitude his time to depart from this mortal world to the eternal world came on the 16th of Ramdhan Ul Mubarik 1417 (26 January 1997) at the time of Zuhar prayers. “Inna Lillah-e-eWa Inna IIaihi Rajioon” (Undoubtedly, we are sent by Allah and have to return to him).
He was buried in the hut of Sabir Sahib (R.A) according to his will. The atmosphere of his mausoleum is illuminated with the auspiciousness of Zikr-e-IIahi and immersed in the fragrance of flowers of Darood-o-Salam (Salutations to the Holy Prophet S.A.W) all the time. The doors of the Darbar of this Faqir are open to all and sundry.
Urs Mubarak:- The Urs Mubarak of Hadrat Abu Anees Sufi Muhammad Barkat Ali Al-Ludhianwi (QSA) is held every year on the 16th of Ramdan-ul-Mubarak at Camp Dar-ul-Ehsan Chak 242 RB (Faisalabad, Pakistan) with attendance in the tens of thousands.
On Men of Letters Sufi Barkat Ali (1911 – 1997), Pakistan Post is issuing a commemorative postage stamp of Rs. 8/- denomination on April 27, 2013.