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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Death Anniversary of Nasir Kazmi:- Commemorative Postage Stamp March 02, 2013:- Syed Nasir Raza Kazmi, (1925 – 1972) was an Urdu poet of Pakistan and one of the greatest poets of his era. He was born on 8 December 1925 at Ambala, India.
Education and Career:- Kazmi was educated at Ambala, Simla and Lahore. He returned to Ambala in 1945 and started looking after his ancestral land. After the creation of Pakistan in 1947, he came to Lahore.
He did some journalistic work with Auraq-e-Nau as an editor and became editor-in-chief of the magaz’ne Humayun in 1952. Later he was associated with Radio Pakistan, Lahore and other literary.
“Nasir Kazmi was a poet of transcendent pain clad in undading beauty. His dalour sprang from three main causes: the sufferings he bore and the atrocities he witnessed during the Partition of 1947, his own poverty, and the social and political chaos of his age. Nasir was more sensitive than most poets and had to abandon his home in Ambala and this was a blow from which he could not recover. …….His habits though not very expensive, demanded money which was not there. Later he had to support his family and educate his two sons. ……..he never complained or moaned about his personal afflictions. But he was bitter about the inequalities and oppression of the times. I had intuitive feeling that he had once loved and lost. That gives an authenticity and genuineness to his ghazals which rings true……Nasir’s unique contribution is that he merged the sublimity and diction of Mir Taqi Mir with his own inner turmoil and restlessness……..most of Nasir’s ghazals are as good as, if not better than, Mir’s best work…...Nasir’s second major contribution is that he transformed the traditional Ghazal into modern poetry by retaining the classical mode, mood and style but making it voice modern sensibility. In doing this he stands on the summit of modern Urdu verse. He found a new school which several of his younger contemporaries and later admirers have enriched……….there is another characteristic of his poetry which sets him apart from all modern poets, and that is his choice of words. In this, again he established a new fashion which most modern poets find difficult to follow. ……he explores the range of Urdu works with an innovative eye and a fresh taste….many lines of Nasir’s Ghazals, which speak of passion of love, make one sit up and think. This depth is strengthened by the poignant note of nostalgia which runs throughout of poverty………Nasir was careless of his health. From the beginning he was unking to his body…..he ruined his digestive system in spite of his doctors and friends warnings and died of cancer of the stomach……he was a major poet of 20th century and a good humjan being” (Extract taken from: “Coffee House of Lahore” written by K.K.Aziz”)
Nasir Kazmi’s Books:
1                     Bang-e-Nae (1952)
2                     Deewan (1972)
3                     Pehli Baarish (1975)
4                     Nishat-e-Khwab (Collection of nazms, 1977)
Other Books:
1                     Sur Ki Chhaya (Manzoom Drama, Katha 1981)
2                     Khushk Chashme ke Kinare (Prose. 1982)
3                     Intekhab-e-Meer (Poetry 1989)
4                     Intekhab-e-Nazeer (Poetry 1990)
5                     Intekhab-e-Wali Dakni (Poetry 1991)
6                     Intekhab-e-Insha (Poetry 1991)
Diary of Nasir Kazmi:
Nasir Kazmi ki Dairy (Chand Pareshan Kaghaz) (Autobiography, 1995 compiled by Hassan Sultan Kazmi)

Famous ghazals and nazms of Nasir Kazmi:
Kazmi’s Ghazals include:
·                                1.       Kaun is raah se guzartaa hai
2.       Terii zulfon ke bikharne kaa sabab hai ko”ii
3.       Dukh kii lehar ne chheRaa hogaa
4.       Dil main ek lehar si uthi hai abhi
5.       Naaz-e-be-gaangi main kyaa kuch thaa
6.       O! mere masruuf Khudda
7.       Be minnat-e-khizr-e-raah rahnaa
8.       Dil dharaknay ka sabab yaad aya
9.       Jurm-e-inkaar ki sazaa hi de
10.   Tere aane kaa dhokaa saa rahaa hai
11.   Fikr-e-taameer-e-aashian bhi hai
12.   Rang barsaat ne bhare kuch to
13.   Kise dekhein kahaan dekha na jaye
14.   Karta usay beqaraar kuch dair
15.   Wo dil nawaaz hai lekin nazar shanaas nahi
16.   Neeyat-e-shauq bhar na jaye kahiin
17.   Banny Banaaye hue Rasston pea a nekly
18.   So gai Shehar ki har aik Galli
19.   Apni Dhun Main Rehta hon
20.   Dil main aur to kya rakha hai
21.   Kia Zamana tha key hum Roz mila kartay thay

On the death Anniversary of Syed Nasir Kazmi, Pakistan Post is issuing a commemorative postage stamp of Rs.15/- denomination on March 02, 2013.