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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Inauguration of Commercial Operation of First Wind Farm Power Project in Pakistan. (2012-26)

Inauguration of Commercial Operation of First Wind Farm Power Project in Pakistan. Commemorative Postage Stamp December 24, 2012:- Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) is striving hard to give a boost to wind power generation in the country and expeditiously carrying in out multidirectional activities to commence wind farm projects in wind potential sites. AEDB has been endeavoring to harness and capitalize the colossal wind energy potential available in the coastal areas of the country. Through continuous promotion, AEDB has been able to attract and engage private national and international investment in this sector. Private sector has been triggered to invest in wind power. Currently, 47 Wind Power Projects of around 3300 MW capacity are in process.
GoS leased around 26,000 acres land to AEDB for 18 projects of cumulative 906 MW capacity. These projects are at various stages of development. A brief account of these projects is as follows:
·         Following three projects of cumulative 156 MW capacity are under construction
·                     49.5 MW FFC Energy LTD., Jhampir, Sindh – Construction and testing completed, ready for commissioning
·                     56.4 MW Zorlu Enerji (Pvt.) Ltd., Jhampir, Sindh – Construction completed, testing stated, will be commissioned in March 2013
·                     50 MW Three Gorges First Wind Farm Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd., Jhampir, Sindh – Construction underway
·         Following two projects of cumulative 100 MW are going to achieve financial close by the end of this year
·                     50 MW Foundation Wind Power I Ltd. Khuttikun, Gharo, Sindh
·                     50 MW Foundation Wind Power II (Pvt.) Ltd., Khuttikun, Gharo, Sindh
·         Following eleven projects of cumulative 550 MW will be achieving financial close by 2013
·                     50 MW , Luck Energy (Pvt.) Ltd. Jhampir, Sindh
·                     50 MW Tenaga Generai Ltd. Khuttikum, Gharo, Sindh
·                     50 MW Sapphire Wind Power (Pvt.) Ltd. Jhampir, Sindh
·                     50 MW Metro Wind Power Co Ltd. Khampir, Sindh
·                     50 MW Gul Ahmed Wind Power Ltd. Jhampir, Sindh
·                     50 MW Master Wind Energy (Pvt.) Ltd. Jhampir, Sindh
·                     50 MW Sachal Engineering Works (Pvt.) Ltd. Jhampir, Sindh
·                     2 x 50 MW Wind Eagle (Pvt.) Ltd. Jhampir, Sindh
·                     50 MW Dawood Power (Pvt.) Ltd. Bhambore, Gharo, Sindh
·                     50 MW New Park (Pvt.) Ltd. Gharo, Sindh
·                     Wind power projects of 1000 MW are in pipeline
·         GOP has announced Upfront Tariff of US cents 14.66/kwh for prompt development of wind power projects
·         Investors are taking keen interest to execute project on this tariff. The investors are requesting allocation of land for their projects. Taking into consideration the available potential, the number of investing companies and quantum of up-coming wind power projects in the area, AEDB, has requested GoS to identify and allocate 100,000 acres more government land for wind power projects at wind potential sites in Sindh province.
·         The wind energy market has been made conductive through various prolific measures. A few of them are stated below:
·                     Grid Code has been amended to accommodate wind power
·                     Standardized project documents are prepared for projects having tariff on cost plus basis and made available to investors; standard project documents for projects opting Upfront tariff are drafted and are under discussion
·                     Lenders confidence is built through supportive measures
·                     Almost all renowned wind turbine manufactures are in the market to supply equipment
·                     Local capacities are being developed for EPC services and for manufacturing of towers locally
·                     Generalized environmental study conducted for whole Gharo, Sindh Wind corridor for prompt processing
·                     Short and medium term grid integration planning study conducted for integration of 1000 – 1500 MW wind power
·                     Security issues of the investors at project sites are addressed with the support of GoS
The time has reached when Pakistan is going to enter into a new era in energy sector as wind power is going to have commercial operation in the country for the first time in its history. The 49.5 MW wind power project of M/s FFC Energy Ltd. (FFCEL) installed at Jhampir, district Thatta, Sindh is expected to achieve Commercial Operation Date (COD) in December 2012. The project has already been operationalized and connected to the national grid and has started dispatching test energy. It’s formal “Commercial Operation” is expected to start on 24th December 2012. This has become possible owing to dedicated efforts by the government and private sector entities. This would become a strong foundation for the wind power development that has over 50,000 MW potential only in Gharo corridor and is expected to take a significant place energy mix.
Pakistan’s entry into the list of countries that are commercially deploying renewable energies for meeting energy needs to be celebrated, particularly as this is the first of many projects that are in the pipeline. The event is historic as this is advent of a new technology in Power Sector, which marks the beginning of the era of clean, indigenous and cheaper sources of energy. The Federal Government is intending to hold an inauguration ceremony to celebrate this achievement at the start of commercial operation of this power plant that is planned on 24th December 2012. President / Prime Minister are expected to be the Chief Guest of this event.
On the occasion of inauguration of commercial operation of first Wind Farm Power Project in Pakistan, a commemorative postage stamp of Rs. 15/- denomination is being issued by Pakistan Post on December 24, 2012.