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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Centenary of Government High School No 1, Thana Malakand Division. April 15, 2012.

Centenary of Government High School No.1, Thana Malakand Division Commemorative Postage Stamp April 15, 2012:- Allah, the Most Gracious. It is He Who has taught the Quran. He has created man. He has taught him utterance.
(Surrah Al-Rehman):- Allah, increase me in knowledge, so prayed Moses to Allah as revealed in the Holy Quran and the first word of the first revelation to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) “Read in the name of Allah who created you”.
The Holy Prophet was directed by Allah Almighty to pray for enhancement in knowledge. So knowledge can not but be our Chief and prior concern. Education is important for self development, self fulfillment and for attaining physical, mental, social and emotional stability. Acquiring education does not mean only to gain some prescribed amount of knowledge or develop and enhance skills; it is preparation for better and a happier life.
Upgraded to middle level in 1912, Government High School No.1 was then known as Government Anglo Vernacular Middle School Thana. At that time this historical school was having a total enrolment of one hundred and seven students. Only three teachers were responsible for imparting education to the students. In fact they were fighting against the ignorance as some local Mullahs were actively involved in running campaign against the modern education. The presence of the names of Mr. Wishwant and Mr. Deewan Chand on the honor board of 1940’s clearly indicates that equal rights of studies are being given to both, the Muslims and minorities.
However over the period of time, the people of Thana village and other parts of Malakand Agency after realizing the need and importance of modern education started sending their children to the school. Consequently a large number of students were attracted from Swat, Dir, Bajour, Chitral, Batkhela, Dargai and many other villages. To accommodate all incoming students from the outskirts, a beautiful hostel was constructed in 1916. The people of Thana village voluntarily donated a big piece of land for extension in the school and construction of the hostel. On 7th June, 1934 the school was upgraded and renamed as Government High School Thana Malakand Agency.
Some area including play grounds, agricultural plot and the area pertaining to the then hostel was later on donated for construction of the Girls Degree College Thana which is also considered as the best contribution of the school.
Keeping in view the recent requirements of students, the school building has been renovated, enabling the management to impart education to the students both in Urdu and English languages. In addition to the compulsory subjects, Agriculture, Commerce, Industrial Arts and Technical Education subjects are also being taught in the school.
Till date, nine principals, eighteen Head masters, Four hundred eighty five teachers and one hundred ten non teaching staff of this historical school have rendered valuable services to the people of Malakand Division. A record number of twenty four thousand eight hundred and seven students have been enrolled and benefited from this school since its inception. A great number of VIPs including Lord Irvin, the then Viceroy of India visited this school on various occasions which clearly speaks of its importance.
Due to its high standard of education, hundreds of ex-students of this school have reached to high ranking positions in the armed forces and civil services of Pakistan which is not only a great honour for the school but also for the whole of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.
Being one of the oldest schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Government High School No.1 is celebrating its centenary as the school is completing 100 years of triumphant years of service to the people of the KPK province.
While celebrating the centenary of Government High School No.1, the management has announced a number of awards for talented students in the name of the ex-students who have been greatly successful in their respective fields/professions. This will definitely set a good tradition for others to follow.
To commemorate 100th Anniversary of Government High School No.1 Thana, Malakand Division, Pakistan Post is issuing a commemorative postage stamp of Rs.8/- denomination on April 15, 2012.