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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On The Eeve of Tthe 100th Meeting of The Federal Cabinet of Pakistan. Issue Date:- 18-01-2012.

On The Eve Of The 100Th Meeting Of The Federal Cabinet Commemorative Postage Stamp January 18, 2012:- Article 90 of the Constitution of Pakistan, envisages that the Executive Authority of the Federation shall be exercised in the name of President by the Federal Ministers, which shall act through the Prime Minister, who shall be the Chief Executive of the Federation. Article 91 of the Constitution, envisions a Cabinet of Ministers, with the Prime Minister at its head, to aid and advise the President in the exercise of its functions.
2.                  The present Government assumed power in March, 2008. The Federal Cabinet held its 100th meeting in the city of Quaid on his 135th Anniversary to pay homage to the father of the Nation, it was a unique honour, in the history of Pakistan, for the present Government to hold a meeting on the birth day of the Quaid.
3.                  The present elected Government made all out efforts to translate the vision of the Quaid-i-Azam into reality. The Cabinet held its meetings not only Islamabad but also in Lahore, Quetta, Gwadar, Peshawar and Karachi, which is a symbol of national harmony and integration. The decision making process of the Government remained well structured as it was based on mutual consultation and sense of unanimity. The achievements of the present Government include an independent judiciary whose decisions, orders and judgment are respected by it, the NFC Award, the 18th Constitutional (Amendment) and above all restoration of the 1973 Constitution. Holding All Parties Conference, indicate the Government’s sincerity for mutual consultation and national reconciliation. Free media and sovereign Parliament are the results of the selfless and dedicated efforts of the Government. The Government has vowed to carry on the mission of the Quaid to make Pakistan a progressive, democratic Islamic State. All the aforementioned decisions were ratified by the Federal Cabinet.
4.                  The performance of the present Government was keenly monitored by the Prime Minister during its 45 months period, who was pleased to order meeting of the Federal Cabinet on fortnightly basis.
5.                  In compliance to above, regular meetings of the Cabinet have been held on alternative Wednesday. One hundred meetings of the present Cabinet is unprecedented in the history of Pakistan. The Cabinet deliberated upon 891 different issues of vital importance and 1101 decisions have been taken and that the rate of implementation of these decisions is 81%.
6.                  The aforementioned facts, reveals that the Cabinet under the Prime Minister is carrying forward the agenda set forth by the Parliament for the democratically elected Government including approval of few structural changes. It has tried to resolve each and every problem being faced by the people of Pakistan. A Task Force was formed to address energy related issues. The year of 2012, has been dedicated to address the rights of the people of Balochistan. The Cabinet dedicated to ensure complete and honest implementation of Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan Package, to provide all fundamental rights to the people of Balochistan, under the Constitution.
On the eve of the 100th Meeting of the Federal Cabinet, Pakistan Post is issuing a commemorative postage stamp of Rs. 8/- denomination on 18th January 2012.