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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Join Hands together to Combat Breast Cancer. Health. Issue Date 30-11-2011.

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign In Pakistan Commemorative Postage Stamp November 30, 2011:- We cannot imagine the suffering and pain of 40,000 women who eventually succumb to breast cancer every year in Pakistan. Their pain ripples across families through generations.
There is one thing though that is even more dangerous than breast cancer – and that is indifference! Lack of awareness and negligence is the crux of the problem. As a result, Pakistan has the highest number of deaths from breast cancer among all countries of the world!
This is despite the glaring fact that with early diagnosis a patient’s chances of survival are more than 90%!
Pink Ribbon – An Emblem of Hope:- Pink Ribbon Pakistan has been addressing breast cancer issues since 2003. With its nation wide breast cancer awareness campaign, its aim is to make this cruel disease a premier health concern. Pink Ribbon Pakistan is dedicated to fight breast cancer at every stage.
Current challenges and how we dare to overcome them:- One of the great challenges Pink Ribbon faces is getting people to talk about the disease and be more open about it. In Pakistan, especially women, avoid discussing about the issue even when they feel they need to. Because of this and when breast cancer if finally detected, it is usually too late. Illiteracy and lack of proper infrastructure is huge hindrance in spreading awareness about breast cancer. The myths and misconceptions prevalent in the society also add to the growing number of breast cancer cases. To counter this problem, Pink Ribbon is running a massive awareness program for women with the aim to spread the word to every nook and corner. Considering the recent trend of breast cancer on a rise amongst young girls, Pink Ribbon has a youth program with colleges and youth volunteers. This way Pink Ribbon hopes to prevent the disease among those at risk.
Prevention is better than cure especially for breast cancer. On 31st March 2009, Pink Ribbon took the initiative of providing free mobile mammography service to women in urban and rural areas of Pakistan. The Mammography Bus was launched in collaboration with PAEC contribution for the women of Pakistan and suburb areas. It is sensitizing them about early detection as well as empowering them to defeat this silent killer before it can endanger their precious lives. Pink Ribbon has extended its outreach in over 52 districts across Pakistan in all 4 provinces and Azad Kashmir.
Pink Ribbon Month:- October is celebrated as the international month of Breast Cancer awareness worldwide. This year too Pakistan’s premium awareness campaign, Pink Ribbon is doing what is needed at various levels, by raising public awareness about the disease, highlighting the role of research into the causes of breast cancer and promoting the significance of early detection of breast cancer in terms of better treatment and survival. Such activities are carried out all year round but the month of October is special.
We need ever more support to extend our message across the nation ensuring that none of us will have to bear the horror of losing a mother, a sister, a wife, or a daughter.
About Breast Cancer:- According to an estimate of the World Health Organization, over 1.2 million people will diagnosed with breast cancer worldwide this year.
Breast cancer is one of the oldest types of cancers and also the most common form among females. Breast cancer’s basic definition is “an uncontrollable growth of breast cells”. When cells divide and multiply rapidly, they form a lump, called tumor. Nearly 80% of findings on mammogram are not cancers. They are usually benign tumors, a cyst, or some other non-cancerous condition. A tumor is defined as cancer only when it can invade nearby tissues and organs and damage them. Then it is called malignant.
Breast cancer is an important health issue, which is of growing concern, for an increasing number of women in Pakistan, though it also affects men albeit in very small numbers.
Raising public awareness about breast cancer is of singular importance as it is the necessary first step that will go a long way towards alleviating the burden of this disease among Pakistani women.
The purpose here is to put some facts to light, removing some misconceptions and suggest some options for the future with reference to breast cancer care in Pakistan.
The burden of new cases of breast cancer from Pakistan has been reported to be the highest amongst all Asian countries with one out of every ninth women in the country at a high risk. As compared Pakistan, neighboring India has a rate of one in twenty two women at a high risk of breast cancer.
The reasons for such a high burden of breast cancer in Pakistan are mainly ignorance, illiteracy, eating habits and a state of obliviousness.
On Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign in Pakistan a commemorative postage stamp of Rs. 8/- is being issued by Pakistan Post on November 30, 2011.