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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Child Art Competition. National Stamps Exhibition “Kurrachee 2011” Special Postage Stamps Sheet June 24, 2011

Child Art Competition. National Stamps Exhibition “Kurrachee 2011” Special Postage Stamps Sheet June 24, 2011:- “Child art” is the most interesting way to bring out the creative instinct in the young generations. It provides the opportunity to express their ideas to the world. To promote this Art and achieve a position in the world of Philately, Pakistan Post is issuing a special sheetlet of 8 postage stamps based on the paintings of the children selected from the Child Art Competition held by Stamp Society of Pakistan.

During the last three years Stamps Society of Pakistan had organized National Stamp Exhibitions and Stamp Drawing Competitions jointly sponsored by Dawn Group, Philatelic Federation of Pakistan and Pakistan Post Office based on FIAP rules at Expo Centre, Karachi, held within the “Life Style Exhibition”.

The Stamp Society of Pakistan is among the pioneering Stamp Society in Pakistan with over 200 members and has been proactive in disseminating knowledge and awareness through regular stamp exhibitions, and is getting popularity day by day. A number of new stamp collector rejuvenated, who also participated in Asian and in the International Exhibition after due accreditation from the Philatelic Federation.

The Youth Live Drawing Competition has been an essential part of every exhibition held for the last three years. The uniqueness of this Art Competition is that all participants draw their ideas on the spot in front of the Jury members within two hours without any external help. Such Live Art Competition for stamp printing never recorded any where in the Philatelic World.

This Youth Painting Competition which was divided in two age groups. Group “A” for children from 4 to 10 years old and group “B” from 11 to 15 years. The competition was announced in the news papers, and large number of children from all major school of Karachi participate in the competition along with their teachers and parents.

Participation and interest of children has increased manifold each year and we have now seen astonishing results, as the children portrayed all the given topics in a very creative manner.

The Committee of Jury is comprised of representative from Stamp Federation, Senior Officials of Pakistan Post and Mr. Adil Salahuddin, (Sitar-e-Imtiaz), who judged the paintings. After looking at the paintings the jury observed that the cultural influence was more dominant, children not only got inspiration from normal life, but also draw images from their surroundings. They are aware of the political situation prevailing in country which they depict in their paintings. The earliest understanding of a more realistic representation of space such as using their creativity art skills.

On the occasions of National Stamp Exhibition “Kurrachee 2011” the similar competition for the Youth is also arranged at Expo Center Karachi.

Following are the names of Children who’s paintings are selected to be reproduced on the sheetlet of Special Postage Stamps issued by the Pakistan Post on June 24, 2011.

An interior of a house in Swat.

By Mahnoor Rafi


School: Student Academy

Historical Monuments of Pakistan.

By Aimen Khan


School: St-Patricks Girls School

Independence Day Celebrations, with traditional Dresses of the Provinces.

By Khurram Jahangir Khan

Age: 15

School: City School

Campaign against Pollution in Karachi.

By Laiba Jawaid


School: Shahwilayat Public School

Tradition bread making Scene in a village in Sindh.

By Vania Rizvi

Age: 12

School: Bay View School

The Sun rise scene in the beach, Karachi.

By Mahnur Zahid

Age: 5

School: Origins Elementary School

Girls Wear bright colourd, billowing costumes to perform a traditional dance in Kalash Valley.

By Naveera Jabeen

Age: 14

School: Charter House Public School

Pollution Free Pakistan.

By Ali Nazim


School: Spring Field School

This is the second time that the paintings selected from a live Stamp Drawing Competition are depicted on stamps and third time for the Child Art, as the first time it was printed 32 years ago on International Childrens Year when 4 stamps and a souvenir sheet issued October 22, 1979. Pakistan Post always encourage the youth and opened up the doorway to young artists of Pakistan.

The combined team work of Pakistan Post Mr. Adil Salahuddin, the Organizers Mr. Iqbal Nanjee (Chairman of Organizing committee & President), Engr. Afzal Nanjee, Mr. Usman Tahir of Stamp Society of Pakistan, and the officials of Philatelic Federation who took keen interest in organizing the events.