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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Four Elements - set of stamps from Germany

The German Post has issued four new stamps in its "Post" series - this time dedicated to the "four elements".

From time immemorial, the elements of "Water", "Earth", "Fire" and "Air" determine people's lives. From one part, they are indispensable foundations of life, but in their extreme forms of uncontrollable forces of nature they can be threatening at the same time.

Water: it quenches thirst and is the habitat of many animals and plants, but due to high tide and flooding water can be threatening. Water is a chemical compound of hydrogen and oxygen and is the only substance present in all three states: hard as ice, liquid in streams and lakes and gas in water vapor and clouds. From the perspective of religion and tradition water often plays a significant role. It stands for purity and authenticity and the ablution is essential part of religious practice.

Earth: plants grow on it, but huge tracts of land called earthquake are able to destroy buildings and even whole cities. The earth is made up of minerals, water and air in various manifestations and forms and "donates" to people the important raw materials. The symbol of the "Mother Earth" was made by many cultures and religions in the Center of the World Picture.

Fire: it warms and gives light, but also destroys it. It is made from fire light and heat. An uncontrolled fire after a spontaneous combustion, a lightning strike or a volcanic eruption could destroy everything. But fire fascinates people again and again despite everything. Negative impact of fascination is the often occurring arson. About 800,000 years ago humans learned how to make fire and use it.

Air: we need it to breathe, but when the wind turns into storm, hurricanes and tornadoes developing its destructive power, we suffer from it. The wind also plays a role in many religions. In the Bible, for example, the wind is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. The air, mixture of different gases (78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% carbon dioxide and other gases) extends to a height of about 20 kilometers.