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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Art of Jimenez Deredia - stamp set from Costa Rica

The Costa Rica post has issued a set of stamps commemorating the works of art of the famous artist Jimenez Deredia.

Jorge Jimenez Deredia is a universal artist, born in Costa Rica, but Italian by adoption, an expert on the Renaissance and the first non-European in the new millennium to be asked to create a sculpture for St. Peter's in Rome.

Deredia's main source of inspiration however comes from the spheres of the Boruca people, an ancient civilization that lived in the south of Costa Rica up until the arrival of Columbus. The sphere inspires an explosion of increasingly complex sculptures, huge and mysterious, that give life to man and then woman. Deredia illustrates the symbolic perfection of the sphere, the vertigo of the universe, space and time, the evolution of matter, the immensity of nature, the origins of man and the miracle of life.