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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Italian Carnival Postage Stamp

Traditionally in the end of winter the Italian Post issues a stamp dedicated to the famous Italian Carnivals. This year there's no exception. The stamp is dedicated to the Historic Carnival taking part in Ivrea.

The Historic Carnival of Ivrea is mostly known for its Battle of the Oranges, allegory of struggle for freedom. It is valued as one of the most ancient carnivals in the world: during the year 1000 a miller's wife killed the tyrant of the city, King Arduino; from that episode began a civil war between the oppressed people and the king's supporters, finally won by people, and until now every year the citizens remember their liberation with the Battle of the Oranges. Here, teams of "Aranceri" by foot shoot oranges representing ancient arrows and stones against Aranceri on carts, representing Arduino's allies.

The stamp depicts the scene of Battle of the oranges, the most spectacular moment of the Carnival, in the background there is the Communal Palace in Vittorio Emanuele Square, in the upper right corner stands the figure of a miller's wife, famous character and symbol of the carnival event.