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Friday, December 3, 2010

'Traditional Dance' series by Papua New Guinea

Post PNG has issued a new set of stamps in its "Traditional Dance" series. The new stamps are dedicated to tribal War Dance and this is the last stamp issue of 2010 by PNG.

Papua New Guinea is known for its unique cultural diversities and traditions. The extreme diversity is reflected by more than 850 languages and a fragmentation of the people, customs, and traditions that is unlike any other country on earth. One fundamental aspect of cultural expression is through traditional dances where it meaningfully describes wider cultural identities. The performance reflects spiritual, social and historical values through chanting and body movements. Every tribal dance vary across regions, sometimes recounting historic events or legends and sometimes describing important event such as feast, yam cultivation or war. Among them, war dance is a popular subject of performance and is common throughout Papua New Guinea which reflects training, attack and defense.

The stamps feature:

50t - A Warrior with bow and arrow (WHP)
K1.05 - Simbu Warrior with spear (Simbu)
K5.00 - A Warrior with spear and shield (WHP)
K7.00 - A Mudman with bow and arrow (EHP)