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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Anti-tuberculosis Committee received DKK 150,000 from POST Greenland

On Monday, 29th November 2010, Greenland's Chief Medical Office received DKK 150,000 from POST Greenland.

The amount was generated through the total sales of the 2008 additional value stamp designed by Miki Jacobsen. The clean lungs symbolize a society free from the dreaded lung decease.

Greenland's Health Minister Agathe Fointain said in her speech of thanks that an ongoing effort is vital and that it demands resources. Therefore, The Government of Greenland is thankful for the contribution from TELE-POST, said the Health Minister.

Managing director of TELE-POST, POST Greenland's parent company, Brian Buus Pedersen, said in his speech that there is still a big need for resources to fight TB. "We know there is a need for the money and we hope that our contribution can help boost the essential work to give our children, too, a secure life and future without tuberculosis. Consequently, I am proud that the total amount of DKK 150,000 has now officially been handed over to our Health Service where the anti-TB work is progressing with great enthusiasm."