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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sparkling Christmas and traditional crafts - special stamps by Swiss Post

With the three motifs "candle" for CHF 0.85, "snow crystal" for CHF 1.00 and "angel" for CHF 1.40, in the run-up to the festive season Swiss Post is again offering stylish elements for Christmas greetings to be mailed within Switzerland and abroad. Each of the three stamps includes a glittering star. The stamps mark the final chapter in the three-year series by designer Jenny Leibundgut from Berne.

The Pro Juventute stamps with a surcharge are well suited to the Christmas season. On each of the four stamps with a surcharge - two with a face value of CHF 0.85 (+0.40) and two with a face value of CHF 1.00 (+0.50) - a pink piggy bank draws attention to the topic of handling money responsibly. The stamps focus on the four aspects of "spending", "saving", "wishing" and "giving". These topics are incorporated into the preventive campaign run by the foundation to promote financial awareness at kindergartens and schools. Pro Juventute is thus taking a proactive role in addressing the problem of growing debt among young people who find it difficult to withstand the numerous temptations that exist in today's consumer society.

Swiss Post is also launching a new series of definitive stamps on the topic of traditional Swiss handicrafts with the two stamps featuring "wood-carving" (CHF 3.00) and "lace-making" (CHF 2.00). Both crafts have been depicted in a respectful manner using photographic methods and flowing graphic black-and-white elements.