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Thursday, November 4, 2010

'Redevelopment of Old Areas' - special stamps by Hong Kong

Hongkong Post today announced that a set of four special stamps on the theme "Redevelopment of Old Areas" will be released for sale, together with philatelic products, on November 16.

Spurred by a steady flow of population from the Mainland and propelled by an unmatched spirit of entrepreneurship, Hong Kong has experienced phenomenal growth in the past few decades. But it faces difficult choices when seeking to make room for economic progress while also trying to retain its collective memories. In this context, the Government is embarking on a "people-centred, area-based and community-engaged" approach, aimed at giving the city environment a facelift through rehabilitation and redevelopment while promoting sustainability through revitalisation and preservation.

The design of these special stamps signifies the on-going commitment to striking a balance between urban regeneration and heritage and cultural conservation. This will be achieved through the steadfast implementation of the four renewal strategies - rehabilitation, revitalisation, preservation and redevelopment.

Images of the Hong Kong cityscape both before and after redevelopment are juxtaposed, with the "old-look" set in monochrome and the new one shown in vivid colours to highlight the contrast. Red, white and blue site hoarding and scaffolding on the bottom left of the souvenir sheet harmoniously echo the colour scheme.