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Friday, November 26, 2010

On The Eve Of 150Th Founder’s Day Celebration Of Lawrence College Ghora Gali Murree Commemorative Postage Stamps October 7, 2010

1. Introduction:- L.C.G.G. Murree is the oldest, elite institution of Pakistan with glorious traditions in the fields of academics, co- and extra-curricular activities, created by its pupils, popularly known as “Galllians”, Lawrence College is a public school on the pattern of the well-known English Public Schols System. Established in 1860 after Sir, Henry Lawrence, the boarding institution started as an asylum to impart practical education to orphans and children of British soldiers serving in colonial India. It began in unpretentious barracks, housing about 80 boys and the girls of different ages. The number rose to 204 boys and 101 girls in 1914 when it was taken over by the Government of the Punjab as the Lawrence Memorial School. When it became Lawrence College in 1927, with the construction of the Lower Estate, the enrollment was 356 boys and 124 girls. The Girls’ Section was transferred to Saint Denny’s School Murree in 1949. The College was handed over to the Board of Governors in 1962 when autonomy was granted by the Punjab Government. Today there are a total of about 700 boys on the roll.

2. Location:- Lawrence College, Ghora Gali, Murree is situated at a height of about 1,950 meters (6,397 feet) above sea level, on a pine-covered spur in the breath-taking Himalayan foothills. The estate covers an area of about 150 acres and lies some 4 km from Murree and 57 km from Rawalpindi. The climate is invigorating. In summers, the temperature seldom reaches 350 C. During winter the College is ususlly sno-bound, and is closed for three months, from December to February.

3. The College:- The college is divided into three schools; the Junior School, the Preparatory School and the Senior School. Each School has a separate head, independent buildings and geographical entity. Air Cdre. (R) Farooq H. Kiyani is the Principal of the College.

3.1 The Junior School caters for the 5-1/2 to 9-1/2 years ago group in classes I to IV Headed by a Headmistress, it prepares boys for the Preparatory School.

3.2 The Preparatory School:- It is headed by a Headmaster and boys in the age group 9-1/2 to 12-1/2 years are taught in Classes V – VIII. The present strength of this section of the College is 190 boys. They join the Senior School, at the end of class VII Promotion Examination. As the organization of House system forms the basis of all curricular and extra-curricular activities, boys develop House affiliation and have a keen sense of competition. Tipu (Peake), Jinnah (Walker), Babar (Wightwick) and Iqbal (Wright) are the four Houses.

3.3 The Senior School:- It has Classes VII to XII, including ‘O’ Level from the Cambridge University. House affiliation and sense of competition is keener and more dominant, here Houses become central to a Gallian’s experience. Each House functions under the supervision of a Housemaster; Assistant Housemaste and House tutors. Top pupils in academics and related corporate activities are appointed as prefects who translate the policies of the College authorities into action. The Housemaster play a vital role in grooming and advising pupils, to bring out the sterling qualities of their character and leadership. All Houses have independent Common Rooms, organize excursions and participate in inter-House competitions in sports, academics, debates, social activities and plays. The administration comprises a Headmaster, a Deputy Headmaster and 4 Housemasters. The faculty comprises about 32 members.

4. Activities:- Academic Enrichment Programme starts daily at 8:30 am continues upto 1:30 pm. Classes are followed by “preps” in the afternoon and evening. The students’ academic records have been excellent in the ‘O’ Level Exam of the Cambridge University and the Pakistan’s Board Exams. These are the outcome dedicated teaching staff and availability of enabling infrastructure and environment. Lawrence College focuses on the multidimensional development of the young Gallians. Co- and extra-curricular activities like the equestrian club, swimming, inter-House declamation and debating contests, all Pakistan declamation contests, sports fixtures with other institutions, literary activities, seminars etc. play an important role in producing the multifaceted individuals who adhere to the College motto, ‘Never Give In’ in their lives.

On the eve of 150th Founder’s day Celebration of Lawrence College Ghora Gali, Murree, Pakistan Post is issuing a set of 4 Commemorative Postage Stamp each of Rs.8/- denomination, on October 7, 2010.