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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Christmas Ornaments

Canada post will issue a set of stamps featuring glass ornament, the inviting icons of holiday joy having a special place in Christmas celebrations.

The enchanting history of the glass ornament is rooted in our tree-decking tradition. Long before lights, tinsel and baubles, Christmas trees were trimmed with fruit, nuts, popcorn, candles, and all manner of baked goods. Small toys and candies were also hung from the boughs of evergreens, to be claimed by children on Christmas morning.

Modern-day tree decorations came into being in 1847, when the town of Lauscha, Germany, already famous for its glassblowing, began producing glass ornaments in the shapes of fruit and nuts. American five-and-dime store magnate and pioneer mass merchandiser F.W. Woolworth discovered these glass gems while on visit to Germany during the 1880s and made a fortune by importing them to the U.S. Lauscha remained the main ornament supplier for the North American market until the popularity of these tree decoration prompted their commercial production around the world. More than 150 years since they were first produced, tree ornaments are a treasured part of our Christmas celebrations and inviting icons of holiday cheer.

Title: Christmas Ornaments
Date of Issue: 1 November 2010
Country: Canada
Denominations: Permanent, $1.00, $1.70