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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lighthouses – Croatia

Croatian Post issued three new commemorative postage stamps from the “Lighthouses” series – Tajer, Vir and Veli rat. One could say that lighthouses are buildings situated on the coast which aid ships in navigation.

But, lighthouses are much more than that. Very few buildings have managed to capture the attention of people from all over the world by their beauty and charm as lighthouses have. Today, lighthouses still serve their purpose, but have at the same time become a favored tourist destination, while many took up photographing lighthouses as a hobby. One of them is Andrija Carli and three of his photographs served as the motif for new postage stamps from the very successful and popular series „Lighthouses“. This year Croatian Post’s stamps depict the lighthouses Tajer, Vir and Veli rat.

The tower of the lighthouse Tajer is connected to the main building by a unique stone bridge, and owing to its distinguishable red and white stripes it has become a tourist symbol of the surrounding archipelago.

The legend of a hidden treasure somewhere near the lighthouse Vir captured the imagination of many treasure seekers. During the 20th century, children of the lighthouse keepers, while playing on the beach, sometimes found gold coins and even a valuable necklace once.

Veli rat is considered to be one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the whole Mediterranean. Besides its beauty, it is also very interesting to tourists because they can rent it out and spend their vacation there, as in many other lighthouses on the Adriatic coast, and enjoy the unique peace and atmosphere a lighthouse has to offer.

Title: Lighthouses – Croatia
Date of Issue: 7 September 2010
Country: Croatia
Denominations: HRK 3, 10