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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chile with new $20000 banknote

El Banco Central de Chile presentó la imagen del nuevo billete de 20.000, el tercero de la Nueva Familia de Billetes.

The Central Bank of Chile presented the image of the new ticket to 20,000, the third of the new family of banknotes. The President of the Central Bank, José De Gregorio, said the new bill of $ 20,000 will enter circulation on 28 July, through commercial banks and gradually, through ATMs, replacing used since 1998 within one year.
The new ticket will have a orange copper color and design allows us to appreciate more clearly the concept of family that all tickets will Chileans, according to a press release from the Central Bank.
According to De Gregorio said, we chose the new color "through the public try to choose an easily recognizable tone, unlike the current one that has several colors. The circulation of the new family of banknotes is a gradual process that includes all denominations and which began in September 2009 with the ticket of 5,000 pesos, followed by the introduction of the bill in March 2010.
A 10 000 During the year 2010, will join the 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000 pesos fourth name, the process culminating with the last ticket in 2011, when they enter into circulation the new notes of 1000 and 2000, which will be made of polymer. With the entry into service of this third title of the new family of banknotes, consolidating the representation of our natural beauty throughout the country: Central Area (Parque Nacional La Campana on the ticket of 5000), Southern Zone (Park Alberto de Agostini National ticket in 10,000) and Northern Chile (Natural Monument Salar de Surire on the ticket of 20,000). Just as happened with the ticket of 5000 and 10,000 pesos, 20,000 new ticket will coexist with the current ticket for about a year.
To fulfill this period, the Central Bank of Chile shorten the natural replacement process of note of this denomination, which is approximately three years. As data, De Gregorio said that "to keep inflation at 3% in 100 years more than 20,000 tickets will still be in circulation, because it will be equivalent to the current 1000 bill.
" This name corresponds to 10% of total circulation and is the fastest growing name among all the others, "what is normal in a process of further growth and greater purchasing power for people who demand large denomination bills," said Chairman of the Central Bank. "Within a year we plan to replace the 50 million tickets circulating $ 20,000 today," he added.
FEATURES The new 20,000 banknote paper is cotton, exclusive material for the manufacture of banknotes. This paper is an improved relative to the substrate that exists today, with a heavier weight and cotton thread, which gives it a texture more easily identified and can, in turn, make an impression with more relief for recognition. Also, the ticket will have a special symbol for blind people to identify it. It has elements of art security to facilitate the recognition of people and equipment using these payment methods. "Today we have tickets much safer than we are replacing, we have not seen fakes, only rough copies," said Jose de Gregorio. The obverse has a new portrait of Andrés Bello, based on a portrait by French artist Raymond Monvoisin (1790-1870) belonging to the University of Chile. Next to him, incorporating images of the heart of Copihue, national flower and Antu, Mapuche symbol representing the sun that fertilizes the soil. The reverse has an image of Salar de Surire Monument, located in northern Chile in the Region of Arica and Parinacota. It also contains the image of Chilean Flamingo, a bird that lives in shallow water areas, fresh and salt, along national level.As the whole concept of the family, the security measures between denominations of the same material are maintained, so as to make recognition easier for the public. Thus, the $ 20,000 bill has the same security measures of the ticket of $ 10,000, both made special cotton paper for the production of tickets. The new bill of $ 20,000 is among the safety features of an intaglio printing pronounced, a watermark more sophisticated, because together the portrait is added as an additional safety, the text 20 MIL, and incomplete picture in each one side, we can look back-supplementing the number 20,000.
It also has two security thread. One is visible only to the light and the other is a 3D Strip, within which there is a Antu, an icon that moves across the banknote is tilted. When tilted on the back, the number 20 000 will change color from green to a bright coppery orange.
DIMENSION One of the characteristics of the new family of banknotes that facilitates their identification is the difference of 7 millimeters in length between each of their names, in descending order of value. Therefore, the 20,000 tickets has measure 148 x 70 mm versus the 10,000 that measures 141 x 70 mm and 5000 with a size of 134 x 70 mm. The design of the new family of banknotes was awarded to the Swedish company AB Crane, while in production, the new family of banknotes was awarded to companies Note Printing Australia Ltd (Australia) and Crane AB (Sweden). The cost of developing each of them, in general, and depending on the exchange rate is between $ 50 and $ 100.