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Monday, August 9, 2010

Modern Taiwanese Paintings 2010

Chunghwa Post is following up with another set of two stamps from the collection of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, featuring Bamboo Grove in Early Summer and Pear Espalier.

1. Bamboo Grove in Early Summer (NT$5.00): Tsai Yun-yan (1908-1977) was originally named Tsai Yung. Bamboo Grove in Early Summer depicts the lush scenery of a bamboo grove with layers of bamboo overlaid with the foliage of a giant elephant’s ear and a loquat tree. A bird perches on a branch of tree bringing a greater sense of vivacity to the painting. The beautiful composition, with its lush detail and luxuriant yet elegant colors, dazzles the eye.

2. Pear Espalier (NT$25.00): Lu Yun-sheng (1913-1968), also known as Lu Yun-you. Pear Espalier depicts the scene of a pear tree in full bloom and laden with fruits. The realistic composition is simple and very lifelike with a color palette that is exuberant without being gaudy. The composition features both a magnanimous air as well as a delicate and clever sensibility. At the eighth Taiwan Fine Art Exhibition, the painting was awarded a Special Selection Prize and the Taiwan Fine Art Exhibition Prize.

Title: Modern Taiwanese Paintings
Date of Issue: 9 August 2010
Country: Taiwan
Denominations: NT$5.00, NT$25.00