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Monday, August 30, 2010

Greetings (Definitive Stamps) – Israel

Israeli post issued a set of two Greeting stamps to suit various occasions. The two stamps are “Happy Holidays” and “With Compliments”.The Israel Philatelic Service refreshes and adds to the selection of personalized stamps from time to time and adjusts the themes to suit more occasions.
“Happy Holidays”The stamp breathes new life into the traditional greeting and lends it a new and special twist. In Israel, people greet each other in this manner on seven different occasions each year, and the routine greeting becomes more festive and elegant when accompanied by a personalized stamp sheet.
“With Compliments”The stamp is geared toward an esteemed individual who we would like to honor or thank, expressing these feelings through an official national stamp. The “With Compliments” stamp sheet lends an air of prestige and honor to the expression of this sentiment. Title: Greetings (Definitive Stamps) – Israel
Date of Issue: 25 August 2010
Country: Israel
Denominations: 1.70 NIS