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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stamps in honor of German rock musician Udo Lindenberg

German Post has issued a series of stamps in honor of the famous German musician Udo Lindenberg and his two songs "Andrea Doria" and "Special train to Pankow".

Udo Lindenberg was born in 1946 in Westphalia, Gronau. Lindenberg writes German rock music texts and in 1959 he assembles his first band.

In the first year of his international breakthrough with the single "All clear on the Andrea Doria" Lindenberg creates parallels to life on a sinking luxury liner. The Italian liner Andrea Doria, pride of the Italian cruise fleet, sank on 26 July 1956 after a collision.

In the song "Special train to Pankow", which spontaneously becomes a hit, Lindenberg dreams of an open inter-German border.

Udo Lindenberg's youth slang communicates the feeling of his time, his songs are always provocative, they reflect social and political issues.