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Friday, July 23, 2010

Gates of Bab al Bahr Asilah – Morocco

Morocco post issued a postage stamp depicting the gate Bab Al Bahr Asilah. The Kings of Morocco gave more importance to the construction of gates and walls of protection in urban localities, not only for defense but also to mark its appearance in civilizational heritage and economic development. According to the customs, names assigned to the gates of ancient cities were inspired by the names of regions to which these doors lead, as is the case of Bab Al Bahr Asilah.

This gate is located in north-west of the city under the Tower of Honor or Alkamar the Portuguese name meaning CAMARA room. This is also known in Portuguese as “Porta Da Riviera, provides access to the sea and ancient port with coffee or coffee Zrireq intellectuals, the name given by the inhabitants of Asilah because coffee is the favorite destination of many artists, poets, writers such as AL Malih Edmon Imran and others. During the occupation of Asilah by Portuguese August 24, 1471 to 13 Septembre1578 – after the battle of Wadi Al Makhazine – Bab Al Bahr played a defensive role and commercial importance. Thus, and given the offensive instantaneous Moroccan Portugal during the reign of King Don Manuel has decided in 1505 to strengthen the doors of Bab Al Bahr Asilah including all under the direction of the engineer Francisco Di The Ansa together skilled workers, whose number exceeded 800 specialists.

The strategic policy of this building is to minimize the surface area of the city and retreat back towards the sea to find an easy exit in case of need and necessity on the one hand, and secondly to facilitate control of ships bound for the Mediterranean or the Atlantic and also protect the Portuguese trade. To strengthen this architecture, manufacturers have imported the decorated rocks from Portugal, the solid stone, lime and other materials in the region of Asilah (Arbaa Ayacha, Beni Arouss, Tendafil, Beni Muslim, Rhouna, Beni Malek .. ..)

Title: Gates of Bab al Bahr Asilah – Morocco
Date of Issue: 10 July 2010
Country: Morocco
Denominations: 7.8