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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


PNG post issued a set of postage stamps and a souvenir sheet featuring coffee.

According to a coffee history legend, an Arabian shepherd named Kaldi found his goats dancing joyously around a dark green leafed shrub with bright red cherries in the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. Kaldi soon determined that it was the bright red cherries on the shrub that were causing the peculiar euphoria and after trying the cherries himself, he learned of their powerful effect.

15t – Coffee – tree with cherries
K1.00 – - Coffee – nursery (budding)
K4.65 – - Coffee – green cherries.
K6.30 – Coffee-red cherries.

The stimulating effect was then exploited by monks at a local monastery to stay awake during extended hours of prayer and distributed to other monasteries around the world. Coffee was born.

Coffee was introduced to PAPUA NEW GUINEA (PNG) some 120 years ago. It was first introduced to New Guinea by the German administration in the then colony of New Guinea in the last 1800s. Colonial administrative records suggest that it was grown in German New Guinea at Ralum in the Kokopo district of East New Britain Province (ENBP) by the famous “Queen Emma” (Emma (Coe) Forsayth) with the aid of a botanist named Richard Parkinson.
K10.00 – Coffee- cherries

K1.00 – Coffee – harvesting
K3.00 – Coffee – fermentation (coffee washing)
K4.65 – Coffee – drying parchment
K6.30 – Coffee – green beans

Date of Issue: 7 July 2010
Country: Papua New Guinea
Denominations: 15t, K1.00, K4.65, K6.30