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Monday, June 14, 2010

The House of Stuart

Britain post will issue a two sets of Kings & Queens stamps in 2010. The House of Stuart is the fourth in the series.

With no direct descendants, Elizabeth became the last monarch of the House of Tudor and King James VI of Scotland acceded to the throne of England. This created The Union of the Crowns which brought England and Scotland under one monarch.

James was the first cousin (twice removed) of Elizabeth and he was also the great grandson of Henry VIII’s sister Margaret Tudor who married James IV of Scotland. As the first of the Stuart Kings of England, James VI/I is the only monarch to feature in two sets of the Kings and Queens stamps. This, the fourth in the Kings and Queens series, looks at the Kings and Queens from James I up until the death of Queen Anne in 1714.

1st class: James I (1603-25) & Charles I (1625-1649);
60p Charles II (1660-1685) & James II (1685-1688);
67p William III (1689-1702) & Mary II (1689-1694)
88p Queen Anne (1702-1714)

The MS takes a separate look at the life and times of the age, featuring events and individuals from the reigns.

1st class William Harvey (1578 – 1657) English physician;
60p English Civil War, Battle of Naseby 1645.
88p John Milton (1608 – 1674), poet author and civil servant during the Commonwealth period.
97p Castle Howard, designed by John Vanbrugh (1664 – 1726)

The border design features a time line of the period.

Title: The House of Stuart
Date of Issue: 15 June 2010
Country: Great Britain
Denominations: 1st class, 60p, 67p, 88p