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Monday, May 31, 2010

Lotus stamp issued for travel summit (Video)

To celebrate the current Global Travel and Tourism Summit in Beijing, a stamp featuring China's most famous lotus painting has been issued.

These are the most famous and most expensive lotuses in China. A painting like this could be auctioned for a few million yuan. And soon these midsummer lotus blossoms will tour around the world on stamps... transported by the Travel Summit's members who have come from around the world and will soon take them home.

The artist who revives the lotus on paintings is Huang Yongyu, one of China's most famous cultural icons of the last half century. The 86-year-old man spent 40 days, during the hottest time of last summer in Beijing to complete the giant work. The original piece is five meters tall, six meters wide and exhibited at the hall of Rongbaozhai, a prestigious art and antique dealership in China.