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Friday, April 23, 2010

Green stamp in support of Finnish solar power

It is easy to choose a more environmentally sound for sending mail. As part of the Itella Green program, the 'Posti Vihrea – Gron Post' stamp will be introduced; deliveries with the stamp are carbon-neutral. The environment has been observed in all manufacturing phases of the stamp.

Being the first in the world to do so, the stamp will be manufactured for Itella of 100% recyclable OBA-free paper material. No bleach or brightening substances will be used in it. No wax or shine substances have been added on the surface. The fresh green tone comes from a water-solvent print color which does not strain the environment.

The designers, Timo Berry and Teemu Ollikainen have prepared a post-horn in the first class stamp. The other end of the horn puts out green seed leaves. The stamp carries an extra fee of EUR 5 cents. The assets accrued from the fees will be allocated to support the construction of the first solar power plant in Finland.