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Saturday, September 26, 2009

World Refugee Year April 07, 1960. (1960-3)

Refugees had been a global problem for the United Nations who, through its specialised agency UNHCR is taking cares of them in almost all continents.
To bring world attention towards the seriousness of the issue the U.N., has launched a worldwide campaign and declared \'1960\' as the World Refugee Year.
Pakistan in this regard has issued a set of two stamps on April 7, 1960. The basic design of the stamps was suggested by the United Nations, which shows a up-rooted tree- the symbol of world Refugee Year. \"HELP THE REFUGEES\". The slogan is printed in curved shape below the tree, date 1959-60 at bottom left and denomination 2a and l0a, at bottom right on each specimen. Tri-lingual “Pakistan” is printed at top where it is upright in English but in Bengali and Urdu it is diagonal on either side. The 2a stamp is in red and the l0a in green.