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Friday, September 4, 2009

Surcharged Definitives (July 18, 1968)

Colour of surcharge: black and an addition overprint in red on 4paisa on 10 anna (Chughtai value). Due to change in postal rates effecting slabs as well, the post office observed the need of some make-up values to meet the correct amount of postage. Facing shortage of time, the department overprinted anna values into decimal coinage.
Three stamps wore prepared, two of them belong to Chughtai Art set of l95l. The first 3—anna value (Hour Glass) was surcharged “4 PAISA” in black by typography. Old currency numerals at upper corners of design, was obliterated with two horizontal bars of different lengths and thickness, space between the two adjacent bars is also varying. In fact the whole sheet of 80 stamp surcharged, have no matching overprint throughout. An average measurement of bars is (upper) 4mm and (lower) 2.5mm, space in between bars 1mm, obliterating bars are l6mm apart and the distance from ‘4 PAISA” is 8.5mm, denomination itself spans l5mm with letters 2mm high.
The second value is taken from ‘Industrial set’ of 1955. The 6 anna stamp is surcharged “4 PAISA” in red, its old value which is diagonally opposite, is cancelled with two bars, the denomination is not precisely at center but slightly above, and towards right. The surcharge covers an overall area of 22x16.5mm.
Third value in the set is from (Chughtai Art again, the 10 anna (Archway and Lamp) is surcharged “60 PAISA” in red and in black separately. In this stamps the old value tablets are at bottom which are obliterated as before and new value is printed at the center of the stamp; 30xl2.5mm. The size of the denominator is 17mm (length) and 2mm height of the letters. Some major shifts are recorded in this item, value is transposed at top and bars at the middle of the stamps. Quantity of overprinted stamps is not announced.