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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Second Boy Scout Jamboree, Chittagong December 28, 1958. (1958-4)

To celebrate the second National Jamboree of Pakistan Boy Scouts held at Chittagong (East Pakistan) from December 28, 1958 to January 4,1959, two commemorative postage stamps were brought out on the opening day of the jamboree.
The stamps are not new, in fact those are two previous values overprinted to denote the occasion. The 6p (view from Kaghan Valley, 1954) and 8a taken from Industrial set of 1955.
The overprint was in black reading \"PAKISTAN/BOY SCOUTS\"/ 2nd NATIONAL/ JAMBOREE/ CHITTAGONG/ DEC. 58-JAN.59\". Its vertical measurement differs for its format shape. On lower value (vertical) its size is 23.5mm and on 8a horizontal the overprint is only l5mm. Its breadth on both values is the same; 16.5mm. The overprint was applied by letterpress by PSPC.
On 30-4-1959 the stamps were withdrawn.