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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pakistan Small Industries November 10, 1962. (1962-5)

Some of the handicrafts prominent these days and depicted in these stamps are mentioned below:, Marble Carving, Clay works, Sports goods, Camel-skin Lamps, Brass-ware, Wood work, Ivory Carving and Cane-Basket work.
Marble Carving: Utility articles of Balochistan—marble carved in decorative patterns—repre-sent a rare craftsmanship of the area; the skill having been passed on from father to son over a period in the past which would perhaps go back to the Paleolithic age.
Clay Works: The special clay found in Baha-walpur is wrought by the inherited skill of artisans into paper-thin pottery noted for its elegance, delicacy of design and decorative patterns painted thereon, which are invariably in white.
Sports Goods: Sports goods based on indigenous raw materials, predominately hand made, have gained world-wide recognition since several decades. Sports goods industry is one of the most important small industries of Pakistan.
Camel Skin Lamps: Camel-skin Lamps and Shades decorated in colorful floral patterns repre-sent the application of an ancient handicraft to meet the needs of today. Camel-skin Lamps are popular with tourists as souvenirs.
Brassware: Though brass has ceased to be as commonly used for utensils of household use as it was, craftsmen skilled in making brass-ware are found in almost all parts of Pakistan. They make decorative plates, vases, bowls and similar other things in exquisite designs reminiscent of the great Mughal period. Products of polished brass have their own appeal but it is the engraved work in colourful and artistic patterns that is most prized.
Wood Work: Exquisite carving in wood and woodcrafts inlaid with ivory is a specialized skill of the Kashmir area and these products are highly prized by tourists.
Ivory Carving: Carving in ivory is a very specialized art requiring a high degree of skill and patient work on the part of the artisan. Caskets with delicate lace work ale highly prized. The present artisans have inherited the skill from gene-rations going far back into the past.
Cane Basket Work: Stripped cane is woven by skilled craftsmen to produce articles of utility such as baskets, hand bags, ladies bags, mats etc. in elegant designs decorated with floral patterns which make these articles coveted owing to their exquisite craftsmanship. Cane work is an important cottage industry of East Pakistan.
The Pakistan Post Office is issuing this set of stamps to commemorate the Small Industries of Pakistan. Incidentally, this issue of stamps also coincides with the Pakistan International Industries Fair, which commenced on 12th October 1962 and is expected to continue till the 20th November 1962.