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Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Constitution June 08, 1962. (1962-3)

The 1962 Constitution commemorative postage stamp is triangular in shape. Its motif is the map of Pakistan interspersed with Jasmine Flowers in full bloom. The word ‘Pakistan’ in Urdu, English and Bengali appears at the base. On the right hand side appear the words ‘CONSTITUPON 1962’ and on the left is the inscription:

“You want the world to yield to you! Imbibe Love, be firm in your Faith and strive on”Iqbal.

The stamp has been designed by the Pakistan Security Printing Corporation Ltd., Karachi, under the guidance of the Director-General, Pakistan Post Office.
The commemorative in question will be released for sale on and from June 8, 1962, from all Post Offices in Pakistan, the Philatelic Bureau, Karachi, and the Philatelic Centers at Lahore, Rawalpindi, Dacca and Chittagong and from some of Pakistan Diplomatic Missions abroad.
Democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people, resting upon the consensus of public opinion, aiming to promote the happiness of the citizens and postulating equality of all men before law. Islam’s concept of the universal brother-hood of man and equality of all men in the sight of God is at the heart of all democratic processes; which, if fully displayed in the actual working of the Constitution of any democracy, ultimately liberates and releases the energy of the people towards constructive ends. The form of democracy suited to a people depends upon a number of intimately inter-related factors, forming a complex of social and political behavior of a people; and, as such, attains maturity after centuries of growth. A system, successful in one country may fail in another having a different conventional, social political, educational and temperamental background. Parliamentary system of Govern-ment. first inherited and subsequently adopted in Pakistan. Consequently failed due to several causes.
The New Constitution provides for Presi-dential system of Government, which is more suited to the conditions prevailing in Pakistan. With only one person at the head of affairs as President, who is a representative of the people, with restraint exercised by an indepen-dent legislature, members of which being not in a position to interfere in the administration for their personal ends, and, an independent judiciary, the system will, it is confidently hoped, be successful, foster a concept of national unity and promote speedy political and economic growth of the country. There is a provision in the Constitution for the setting up of au Advisory Council of Islamic Ideology, in conformity with the objective for which Pak-istan has been established. The promise extended by the President to the nation in 1958 has been fulfilled. While the nation hails the Constitution in a spirit of dedication, devotion and courage, the Pakistan Post Office issues this stamp to commemorate the occasion.