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Thursday, September 3, 2009

International Year For Action To Combat Racism (March 21, 1971)

The format of the stamp in both the values is vertical. The design for both the values is also similar except for the difference in colour of the background and the caption. The top portion of the stamps bears the caption “ International Year for Action to Combat Racism and Racial Discrimination” in brick red colour in the 20-Paisa stamp and mauve colour in the 50-Paisa stamp. Four abstract human figures, representing the main racial groups in yellow, white, black and brown colours, with arms entwined, form the subject of the design against brick-red background In the 20-Paisa stamp and mauve background in the 5O-Paisa stamp. On the top left of the stamp is reproduced as an inset the design adopted by the UNO in this behalf. The value, the words “Postage”, “Paisa” and ‘Pakistan” in English or in black colour while the word “Pakistan” in Bengali and Urdu, placed at the bottom of the stamp, is in yellow against a white background. 1971 is being celebrated as the International Year for Action to combat Racism and Racial Discrimination. This is in pursuance of the General Assembly Resolution No. 2446 ( XXIII) of 19th December 1968 entitled “Measures to achieve the rapid and total elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination in general and of the policy of APARTHEID in particular”. The said Resolution was adopted by the General Assembly as a result of the recommendation made at the 25th plenary meeting ~f the International Conference on Human Rights, held at Tehran (Iran) on 12th July 1968.
The purpose of the observance of the International Year for Action ~to Combat Racism and Racial Discrimination is to achieve substantial progress in eliminating all forms and manifestations of racism and racial discrimination (including the policies of Apartheid) and in ensuring equality for all and full enjoyment by all of the civil and political rights and economic, social and cultural rights as well as the rights of peoples to self-determination without any distinctions such as race, colour, national ~r ethnic origin, and thereby to promote further respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms throughout the world. The measures proposed to Combat Racial Discrimination include, among others, the following:—
(i) Ratification of the International Convention of all forms of the elimination of Racial Discrim-ination; (ii) Adoption of all measures necessary to implement fully the principles contained in the United Nations Declaration on the elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination;
(iii) Widest possible dissemination of the said declaration
(iv) Inclusion in the curricula of schools and other educational Institutions etc. the teaching of the scientific facts about race and to ensure that invidious distinction about peoples is not made in text books and class rooms etc.
To commemorate the International Year 1971 for Action to Combat Racism and Racial Discrimination, the Pakistan Post Office is issuing a set of two postage stamps of 20 - Paisa and 50 - Paisa denominations on 21st March, 1971.