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Saturday, September 26, 2009

First Anniversary of Republic March 23, 1957. (1957-1)

The first issue of the year, commemorating the first anniversary of Republic was stated to be definitive values, released on 23 March 1957.
The first two stamps were the modified versions of 2½ anna (Industrial set) and 3½ anna (Chughtai Art) values. The third high value stamp was denominated at Rs.10, illustrating Orange Tree.
The frame of the Industrial set 2 1/2a was changed and face value in Urdu was removed. Bengali inscription for "Pakistan" was added at top right. The other value 3 1/2a (Chughtai) also similarly altered.
The rupee value shows Orange Tree in green and orange colours with country name in three languages, in English at foot, others are placed at top; Urdu at left and Bengali at right. Face value Rs.10 is engraved at bottom left.