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Saturday, September 12, 2009

60th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Pakistan and the Philippines in 2009. (2009-12)

60th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Pakistan and the Philippines in 2009.

  1. Pakistan and the Philippines have always enjoyed friendly and cordial relations. Both countries were partners in defunct SEATO. There are many commonalities between the two countries. Both are Asian and developing countries and share the common objectives of peace and development. The two countries also share the experience of colonial past and have large English speaking populations. Both countries have been supporting each others candidatures at various international fora.
  2. Pakistan and the Philippines are celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic relations this year. Besides Pakistan, the Philippines would also be celebrating its 60th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with about 9 other countries. Foreign Secretary Alberto G. Romulo would host a reception to jointly celebrate the occasion with these countries. Pakistan and the Philippines have agreed to issue commemorative postage stamps in this occasion.
  3. Former President Pervaz Musharraf paid a state visit to the Philippines in April 2005. During this visit, the two sides signed agreements including an MOU on combating terrorism.
  4. ident Asif Ali Zardari and President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo met on the margins of the UNGA in New York on November 2008. The two sides reviewed bilateral relations and agreed to further deepen cooperation in political, economic, trade and other fileds. The President also showed interest in the Philippines Bishop-Ulema Conference which had proved to be a useful vehicle to promote understanding between the Muslim and the Christian communities in Mindanao. On the instructions of President Arroyo, the Philippines government is preparing to send a delegation to Bishop-Ulema Conference to Pakistan for sharing the Philippines experience in promoting understanding between the Muslim and Christian communities.
  5. President Arroyo also invited the President to participate in the Special NAM Ministerial meeting on interfaith Dialogue and Cooperation to be held in Manila in December 2009. The NAM Foreign Ministers would be invited to this meeting.
  6. Pakistan and the Philippines also jointly co-sponsored a resolution on “Promotion of Inter-Religious and Inter-Cultural Dialogue, Understanding and Cooperation for Peace” during the UNGA in November 2008. Bother countries have been working closely to promote religious and cultural harmony and tolerance among followers of various faiths.
  7. Despite absence of direct shilling and air links, the business and trade relations between the two countries expanded significantly over the past two years. The volume of trade registered a 100 % increase over the past year. According to the available data, bilateral trade between Pakistan and the Philippines from January-September 2008 reached an all time high mark of US$ 125.072 million with balance of trade in favour of Pakistan. Pakistan’s exports amounted to US$ 92.833 million against imports of US$ 32.238 million. Major items of exports from Pakistan include yarn, rice, Pharmaceutical products, leather hides, fruit, sport goods and surgical instruments. The items of imports from the Philippines include automotive parts, paper products, food preparations, electronics and packaging materials.
  8. There is considerable scope for export of rice and pharmaceutical products to the Philippines. The Philippines government has showed Keenness to procure rice from Pakistan on a government to government basis. This provides a good opportunity to have a foot hold in the Philippines rice market which is dominated by Thailand and Vietnam. As for pharmaceuticals, Our Ambassador in Manila is in touch with the relevant departments of the Philippines government encouraging them to consider Pakistan as a source for supply of inexpensive and quality medicines. President Arroyo in her recent meeting with President Zardari had indicated interest to import medicines from Pakistan.
  9. Pakistan and the Philippines signed an MoU on establishment of a joint Economic Commission in July 2008. The Commission would identify economic and trade opportunities and would encourage businessmen to invest in each others countries.
  10. Pakistan and the Philippines signed a programmed of cultural exchange for the period 2005-2009. The extension of Programme for a further period of three years would provide framework for bilateral cultural exchanges.

On the 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Philippines in 2009 Pakistan Post is issuing a Commemorative Postage Stamp of Rs. 5/- denomination on 09, September 2009.